LinkedIn Marketing: The Lead-Driving Opportunity You're Missing

LinkedIn Marketing: The Lead-Driving Opportunity You're Missing

By Lisa GulasyMay 28 /2013

In March, HubSpot clued the social media marketing world in on a rather unknown, yet very big development: Facebook had updated its Page Terms to allow calls-to-action (CTAs) in cover photos. The change presented marketers with the opportunity to reap even more benefit from Facebook marketing. (Want an example? See Kuno’s current Facebook cover photo below!)


Pretty cool, right? Granted, the cover photo CTA doesn’t drive leads directly to your website – clicking on the photo brings up the standard Facebook pop up for images instead of acting as a link to a URL, meaning you still need to include a shortened link in the photo caption. Nonetheless, the upgrade is leaps and bounds ahead of other social networks…or so I thought.

Fast-forward one month, and I’m perusing HubSpot’s LinkedIn Products page when I notice, you guessed it, a CTA. My first reaction was that HubSpot must have some privileged relationship with LinkedIn, exchanging inbound marketing expertise for lead-driving LinkedIn features. But then I checked Marketo, and it had not one, but three CTAs on its products page!

And so I made my way back to the Kuno Creative LinkedIn page, clicked the services tab, then edit and low and behold, I was greeted by three embarrassingly void banner image boxes. As an agency, we were missing an unbelievably simple opportunity to drive leads to our website via LinkedIn.

The Solution

To remedy the situation, we sat down as a team to strategize CTA creation. How many should we have? (LinkedIn allows up to three CTAs on the products/services page and one on the careers page.) Which of our webpages should we drive them to? Should we promote a download?

In the end, we agreed on three CTAs, one for each of our three pillars of business: content marketing, demand generation and marketing automation. You can see them below, or you can check them out on the Kuno Creative LinkedIn Services page.




The Results

So was our scramble to create and upload LinkedIn CTAs worth it? Our LinkedIn page traffic is up 25 percent last month, and May isn’t even over yet. While I can’t say our increase in traffic is solely due to the CTAs (we do share high quality blog articles, white papers and eBooks every business day, after all), I can say we’ve acquired 20 new contacts this month from LinkedIn. And in the end, that’s what really matters.

Are you using CTAs on your LinkedIn company page? Let me know if you’ve experienced increased traffic as a result!

lisa gulasy

Known as Hawkeye for her near superhuman copy editing abilities, Lisa Gulasy applies her unique experiences in agency and journalism to manage strategy and day-to-day engagement of client social media profiles and assist in researching and writing blogs, press releases and advanced content. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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