Enterprise Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 12, 2013

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 12, 2013

By Lisa GulasyMay 12 /2013

maryann gulasy kuno creativeMother's Day has always been a special holiday in my family, not only because I have a wonderfully hardworking and supportive mother (see her to the right!) who deserves a special day of recognition, but because, every few years, her birthday falls on Mother's Day, calling for a double celebration.

This year just so happens to be one of those years. So, while I'm busy celebrating my mom, take a few relaxing moments to yourself to read over what we covered on the Brand & Capture blog this week. (Just don't take too long - your mom deserves your attention today, too!)

How Fresh Are Your Buyer Personas?

Take a good look at your customers. No, really. Not their "personas," them. Who are they? Why did they choose you, and how happy are they with what you've done for them? Which ones do you consider to be ideal customers and why? Now match those observations to your assumptions about your buyer personas and be honest with yourself. How accurate are they now? Most of us could use a little tune-up. In this blog, we discuss how to freshen your buyer personas (even if you nailed it the first go-around).

4 Ways to A/B Split Test Your Facebook Advertising

When inbound marketers discuss A/B split testing, they’re usually talking email marketing. But there are more areas of inbound marketing that can benefit from a little testing. Facebook advertising is one such area. Facebook ads present a wonderful opportunity to efficiently grow overall Facebook reach and, when created and optimized correctly, can increase likes and engagement and drive leads to your content resources. See four ways to A/B split test your Facebook ads here.

3 Top Tips to Reduce Your Email Marketing Churn

Despite your perfectly crafted copy, contacts will still unsubscribe from your email communications. Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned professional, opt-outs are a harsh reality email marketers must accept. Considering the time and effort it takes to build a list, losing contacts can be frustrating. While there is no magic formula to eliminate opt-outs, there are actions you can take to help minimize them. See those actions here.

Creating Content for Sensitive Situations

Your customers are fond of you for a reason: You help them solve a problem. Something you sell makes a positive contribution to their lives. At some point, though, every company drops the ball. You might drop the ball in a big way (failing to update your product with features users want) or a small way (clogging customers' inboxes with unwanted emails). When you let your customers down, you risk losing them to the competition. However, when it comes to common interactions online that irritate users, there are ways to soften the blow. How? With content, of course. See what we mean here.

Incorporating Instagram and Tumblr into Your Social Media Strategy

In order to continuously grow your audience and convert new leads, it is important to learn how to correctly utilize all available social media platforms. Most businesses have already conquered Facebook and Twitter, but struggle to find ways to use the new, visual-based platforms to their full potential. Here are a few tips to get you started with Instagram and Tumblr.

What was your favorite blog this week? Give me your opinion (or send my mom birthday well wishes) in the comment section below!

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