Incorporating Instagram and Tumblr into Your Social Media Strategy

Incorporating Instagram and Tumblr into Your Social Media Strategy

By Courtney MoserMay 10 /2013

Instagram and TumblrIn order to continuously grow your audience and convert new leads, it is important to learn how to correctly utilize all available social media platforms. Most businesses have already conquered Facebook and Twitter, but struggle to find ways to use the new, visual-based platforms to their full potential.

If you read my latest post about strategically using Pinterest, you are acquainted with the idea of becoming more visually centered in social media. The next two channels you may want to familiarize yourself with are Instagram and Tumblr. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Let’s start with Instagram; chances are you use the addictively entertaining photo-editing and posting app in your personal life already. So, you know how it works but are grappling to come up with ways to use it to market your business. The key is to think like your ideal client; what would he or she find interesting and amusing?

4 things your followers want to see:

    • Pictures of your office: Customers love to see where the magic happens.
    • Pictures of your team: Seeing the faces behind the business makes customers feel connected.
    • Pictures of your trips and outings: Posting photos of your team busy at work is great, and adding photos of them together at lunch or traveling keeps things interesting.
    • Pictures of your pets: People like to see cute animals. Show off your furry friends, and ask your team to join in.


Now, let’s move on to Tumblr. You may not know much about the micro-blogging site, but it’s worth reading up on. Similar to Pinterest and Instagram, Tumblr is an image-based platform. But unlike these, you have the ability to write an abundance of text to post along with, or separately from, your photo. This makes incorporating your content and broadening your company’s reach quite simple.

4 ways to use Tumblr for your business:

      • Post your favorite photos: Choose some of your favorite photos of the week from your Instagram and give a back story on Tumblr. Include keywords and links to your website to drive traffic your way!
      • Post your videos: Tumblr is an extremely video-friendly channel, so take advantage and share your video content.
      • Post your blogs: Tumblr can bring new eyes to your blog content. To bring in more site traffic, post a blog teaser followed by a “Read More” link back to the original post.
      • Post memes about your industry: Memes are one of the most popular types of content on Tumblr. You can create your own or find some relevant ones on the Internet.

The key to using new social media is to not get overwhelmed. Have fun with it! Have you used Instagram and Tumblr for your business? Post your tips below—we'd love to hear them!

CourtneyCourtney Moser is an Associate at Kuno Creative. She applies her passion for writing and editing to assist in creating content for Kuno and its clients. She loves to read, expand her vocabulary, and write engaging content for multiple audiences.

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