Enterprise Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 24, 2013

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 24, 2013

By Lisa GulasyMar 24 /2013

big red western kentucky mascotThe big story an inbound marketing this week, once again, comes courtesy of Facebook. (Sorry March Madness fans; I'll choose the NBA over college every time.) HubSpot broke the news Friday that Facebook updated its Page Terms to allow calls to action in cover photos. What does this mean for inbound marketers? Likely more leads, for one. Other possible implications include the ability to better analyze Facebook photo efforts and improved conversions around your CTAs.

What else happened in the industry this week? See what we were talking about on the Brand & Capture blog below!

Profit-Driven Digital Marketing: Setting Goals

Digital marketing budgets now average about 2.5 percent of revenues and are growing 9 percent this year. Increased funding, while great for marketers, comes with more pressure to deliver and prove ROI. It's probably fair to say most companies still see marketing as a cost center, a necessary evil that needs to be justified in order to survive the line item veto. That's unfortunate, because marketing can become a profit center. Discover the bigger picture.

Combining Outbound and Inbound Marketing through Video

Trade shows are still a great way to generate buzz for some companies, but have you ever thought about how to carry this buzz and excitement over after the show? Enter the power of video and content marketing. Online video is quickly becoming a sensible, versatile and rewarding method of marketing. Here, we take a look at how to utilize video marketing before, during and after trade shows.

3 Reasons Why You Should be Using Progressive Profiling

Inbound marketers who repeatedly ask prospects for the same information or present them with long conversion forms create a surefire way to reduce form conversions and scare away prospects. Fortunately, marketing automation services, such as HubSpot, Eloqua, and Marketo, offer progressive profiling. While this is not a new technology, it is certainly one that is underutilized. See three reasons to utilize progressive profiling here.

7 Tips to Make Your Brand More Human on Social Media

We know brands aren’t people, yet humanizing your brand is essentially a requirement for social media survival for brands today. Why? People want to do business with other people they like and trust—deliberate emphasis on people. Humanizing your brand, or basically reminding potential customers you have real people behind your brand, is just one way you can begin to earn that trust. Here are a few tips to get your brand acting more human on social media.

What Do PPC, SEO and Content Marketing Have In Common? Keywords

Keywords are the glue that bind most online services together. Finding the right keywords is directly tied to the core of your success online, and, if it is done incorrectly, your whole marketing campaign could go flop! Here, we discuss three parts of your marketing campaign that need extra focus on keywords and how to keep your efforts from backfiring. 

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