5 Content Marketing Tactics for Non-Bloggers

5 Content Marketing Tactics for Non-Bloggers

By Lisa GulasyMar 26 /2013

content for non bloggersCreating compelling content is at the core of every successful inbound marketing strategy. High-quality educational and/or entertaining content aligned to buyer personas and sales-cycle stages provides the best incentive for your leads to convert. It also gives you permission to engage them further down the funnel with product-centric information.

According to recent statistics, blogging is one of the most common forms of online content marketing, second only to social content. While blogging can be (and usually is) a main component of the content portion of a company’s inbound marketing strategy, it’s not the only tactic for capturing leads via content.

Check out these five other content marketing tactics for non-bloggers!

Kuno Clips: Content Marketing Specialist Lisa Gulasy shares five content marketing tactics for non-bloggers in this video.


  1. Vlog – Some inbound marketers excel at presentations and public speaking, but struggle with putting their ideas down in words. Vlogging (or video blogging) allows these types to contribute to a company’s content marketing strategy while remaining in their comfort zones. If you’re a wordsmith content marketer with excellent on-camera presence, you may even consider creating a video from a completed blog post to take your blog to the next level. (See three tips on how to create a video from a completed blog post here!)
  2. Podcasts – So you’re a great talker, but aren’t one for appearing on camera? Podcasts may be the right tactic for you. Podcasting came hot on the heels of blogging, but seemingly died away quickly thereafter. Now, thanks in large part to the iTunes store, many experts believe podcasting is poised for a comeback. Need podcast ideas? Try interviewing experts in your industry or within your company or addressing your customers’ frequently asked questions.
  3. Content Snacks – Content snacks, as explained by Brianne Carlon, are small nuggets of information, including text messages, one-image charts and bulleted lists, which audiences can see and digest in mere seconds. Content snacks work especially well on visual-centric social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  4. Infographics – Any business, no matter the industry, can leverage infographics to its advantage. Infographics are great for showing high-interest statistics or explaining a process, plus they get your graphic design team involved in the content process. Want to get more out of your infographic? Check out these tips from Neil Patel on how to get your infographic to go viral.
  5. Advanced Content – I know what you’re thinking: “You said I wouldn’t need to write!” Wrong! I said you wouldn’t need to blog. Advanced content, including whitepapers, eBooks, fact sheets and more, can generate hundreds of new leads for companies, which makes them a vital part of any content marketing strategy. Consider outsourcing advanced content production to an inbound marketing agency or talented and knowledgeable freelancer if your team doesn’t have the expertise or time to produce high-quality work.

Is your company capturing content marketing leads sans blogging? Share your tactics of choice in the comment section!

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