Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 3, 2013

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 3, 2013

By Lisa GulasyMar 3 /2013

anchormanIt was all about content and social media this week on the Brand & Capture blog, which absolutely delighted this content marketing specialist! (Like "Anchorman" jump in the air and scream "Yay!" delighted.) Our social media posts covered changing our online habits, testing new scheduling tools and flaunting our Vine skills. As for content marketing, our post topics included segmenting leads with personalized content, time testing email content and qualifying leads via key sales qualification questions and content. See a brief description of each blog below!

How (and Why) I Changed My Social Media Habits

A few years ago, "influencer" was the buzz word for a person who commanded a large following in social media and generated a lot of conversations that could lead to all kinds of good and bad karma. Like many marketers, Kuno VP John McTigue's goal was to drive traffic and leads to our website with the hope of converting at least some of them into loyal customers. To accomplish this, he utilized tactics like using autofollow and autopublish software that now seem silly. He's a little late to the party, but he's finally seen the light, and he isn't doing any of that anymore. See how and why he changed his social media habits.

Personalized Content Marketing: Segmenting Leads to Win Customers

Personalized content is a phrase that's been floating around the inbound marketing industry lately, and honestly, it's starting to scare our content team. Why? It likely means a whole lot more work. Don't get us wrong - we want all of our content to be keen and clever. But personalized content actually refers to the copy on a website (or ad or email) that changes based on terms searched by visitors or their past behavior. Basically, the website tries to understand what each viewer is looking for and then provides that information immediately. Get a better grasp on the term by checking out this blog.

5 Cool Features of Buffer as a Social Media Scheduling Tool

At Kuno, we're always on the look out for new marketing tools for client profiles. Once we discover a tool that's user-friendly and useful, we tend to stick to it. That was the case with Hootsuite, the web-based social media management tool with the big-eyed owl logo. Despite a few shortcomings, we genuinely like Hootsuite, so we were rather hesitant about testing out buffer when we stumbled upon a few favorable reviews. Nonetheless, we tested the buffer waters. See a breakdown of a few things we like about buffer as a scheduling tool.

Time Testing in Email Marketing Campaigns: Client Example

If your inbox is anything like ours, then it's always flooded with various marketing emails, coupons, news from friends and family and funny cat photos. When it comes to sending marketing content you want your contacts to open and take action on, what's the best time to send? When it comes to timing, there are two inherint factors to consider: day of the week and time of day. In this blog, we share several considerations to make before testing your email timing and a real client email example. Check it out!

Qualifying Leads Via Content Marketing: 4 Top Qualifiers

How do you qualify leads? Most B2B sales and marketing people would answer that the only tried-and-true way is through a sales call by an inside sales rep. Hard to argue the point, but what if your inside sales team isn't tapped into your inbound leads, or worse, you don't have an inside sales team? Then what? You can accomplish a lot with content marketing by tailoring and tracking content and conversion forms that are designed to answer key sales qualification questions. See those questions here.

7 Brands Using Vine Well, and 7 Ways You Can Too

Much like our enthusiasm for new marketing tools, we're always excited when a new platform or tool is introduced. We can’t wait to check it out and get a feel for its interface, usability, mobile functionality and determine whether its something I might recommend to a client. Enter Vine, a mobile app recently released by Twitter that essentially allows users to publish the video version of a Tweet: a brief 6 seconds of looping video. Users have flocked to it in the weeks since its release for a variety of reasons. And at this stage of the game, we'd argue any brand can use it. Let us tell you why we think Vine is great.

Happy Sunday! We'll see you back here tomorrow!

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