Inbound Marketing Week in Review: January 13, 2013

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: January 13, 2013

By Lisa GulasyJan 13 /2013

introducing kuno clipsNotice anything new on the Brand & Capture blog this week? Kuno Creative introduced Kuno Clips, bite-size videos to accompany staff blog posts. You can see this week’s Kuno Clip embedded in the post “Enterprise Content Marketing: 5 Steps to Creative Content Approval.”

Not one for video? We’re still bringing you plenty of high quality written content. Check out a snipit of this week’s blog posts below!

Finding a Better Definition of Marketing Qualified Leads

Lead management has come a long way since BANT was the only game in town, but there’s still a lot of confusion over the basic definition of a quality sales lead. Previously, a lead was thought of as someone who expressed interest in your product or service. Now, that definition is woefully inadequate. Discover a better definition of marketing qualified leads here.

Why Niche Social Networks Are Worth Businesses’ Time

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+; in the realm of all things social, these networks are gods among men. So when it comes to social media marketing for business, it makes perfect sense that every business should have a presence on each of these platforms, right? Well, no. Every good marketer knows some businesses are just wrong for some of the big guys. So if it’s true that some (or all) of the major social networks are wrong for some businesses, can’t it also be true that niche social networks are right for businesses? See our thoughts.

Creating a Buyer Persona: 5 Steps for Talking it Out

Creating buyer personas can be a real challenge. There are expensive, time-consuming routes (like focus groups) you can take, but sometimes just talking it out can be all you need. And who better to talk to than people who recently bought your product? They know what people are looking for, what challenges they face and what finally made them take the plunge. Once you have interviewed several recent customers, and then interviewed some more, you are ready to get started. Here’s how.

Active vs Passive Inbound Marketing

We know what you’re thinking. Outbound marketing is active while inbound marketing is passive. Well, in some ways those are viable definitions, but they are limiting, too. Inbound marketing (like outbound) has degrees of strategy and scope that depend on the goals and circumstances. There are different tactics that apply better in some situations than others. Strictly defining what you "can" and "can't" do under inbound marketing, or any other marketing strategy, isn't always helpful. Let's look at some of the tactics commonly used and how they might be classified, but let's put aside the "good" or "bad" values and look at the big picture here.

New Web Development Standards - Future CSS Tools [Part Two]

In a blog post last month, Web Developer Jesse Pennington shared a little information about CSS Regions and CSS Custom Filters, two tools I believe will help developers ease the tension between functionality and design on the web without overly complicating code. Here, he shares three more promising and exciting tools in the world of HTML and CSS: CSS Exclusions, CSS Composting and CSS Transforms.

Enterprise Content Marketing: 5 Steps to Creative Content Approval

How many great ideas never get implemented at your company because the approval process is more complicated than putting a man on the moon?  Our guess is more often than you would like to admit. Too often we hear feedback from clients that they love an idea but cannot move forward because it “will never get approved by legal.” Well no more. See our steps to creative content approval here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you tomorrow on the Brand & Capture blog!

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lisa gulasyLisa Gulasy is a young public relations professional highly interested in social media brand management, copywriting and grammar. Lisa works as an Associate Consultant at Kuno Creative where she creates content and assists senior consultants. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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