Inbound Marketing Week in Review: December 15, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: December 15, 2012

By Lisa GulasyDec 16 /2012

week in review blogThe Brand & Capture blogs fell into a number of categories this week, including social media, development and content marketing. From a post advising C-Suitors how much they should be preparing to allocate for their yearly marketing budgets to another arguing brands should put their people front and center on their social media channels in the new year, we’re really looking forward to 2013.

Look forward with us by looking back at a few of this week’s most popular blogs.

3 Brand Marketing Holiday Shopping Pinterest Trends

Pinterest, “the out-of-nowhere social network” as CNN writer John D. Sutter dubbed it, is on many people’s minds this holiday season. And it’s not just consumers scheming how to stealthily pin gift ideas for friends and family on (gasp!) only three secret boards who are utilizing the photo centric social media platform. Big brand marketers, too, are scrambling to build Pinterest brand pages in time for holiday shopping. See three Pinterest strategies brand marketers are implementing this holiday shopping season here.

Are You Going Over the Inbound Marketing Fiscal Cliff Next Year?

With all this talk about the Fiscal Cliff, somebody had to bring up its impact on marketing in 2013. The Fiscal Cliff isn't really a huge problem on paper. We Americans spend too much and save too little. All we have to do is agree how to balance the budget. Of course, the "agree" part is the tough nut. And so it is with marketing. Assuming the economy really is on its way to recovery, how do C-Suiters budget for the rapidly approaching New Year, and what slice of the pie do they give to marketing? See what we think!

Content Marketing: How to Become an Expert on (Almost) Any Topic

In order to effectively carry out a content marketing strategy, including blogs, guides, downloads, videos and other pieces of content, writers need to know exactly what they are talking about. That means, no matter the industry, they need to become an expert. That can be intimidating, but writers can develop an expertise for any topic in order to write lots of educational copy. Discover how.

How To Display HTML Code on a HubSpot Blog

When penning a web development blog a few weeks ago, Jesse discovered displaying actual code was quite difficult in a Hubspot blog. Different blogging platforms handle this common yet slightly complicated task in different ways, such as with [html][/html] brackets or adding a script, plugin, et cetera. When he went searching in the HubSpot forums for a solution to his admittedly obscure problem, he couldn't find a native or add-on solution. So he created his own. See how he did it.

Social Media: Brands Are NOT People, My Friend

One of the biggest misconceptions in social media is that brands need to interact like humans in order to humanize the brand. But let’s face it, brands are not people. It can be borderline creepy when a brand talks to you instead of a person. With individual authority becoming increasingly important and brand pages inching toward pay-to-play, the best way to make a brand successful in social media is to let the people do the talking. See examples of people-powered brands here.

7 Tips for More Facebook Page “Likes” & User Engagement

We’ve all been there—stuck at 200, 500 or 1,000 Facebook “Likes” for what seems like months. It begs the question: “How can my Business Page get more 'Likes?'" A few creative marketing and fresh content tips and tricks can get brand marketers over the "Likes" hump, increasing user engagement along the way. See our tips!

Keep an eye out for more informative and engaging content next week on our blog. Until then, enjoy your Sunday!

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