13 Tech Tools and Toys on Inbound Marketers’ Wish Lists

13 Tech Tools and Toys on Inbound Marketers’ Wish Lists

By Vanessa KnipperDec 4 /2012

2012 tech gift ideasIf you're looking for some unique gift ideas for your tech-savvy friends and family on your list, we’ve compiled a roster of some of the most popular gifts that members of our Inbound Marketing team are wishing for this holiday season. Please share YOUR wish list items in the comments. We wouldn't want to miss out on any new gadgets!

  1. Touch screen gloves. An oldie but goodie, conductive gloves are a staple for keeping warm and still being able to use your smartphone. Agloves offers full-hand functionality unisex styles starting at just $20.
  2. Solar-powered gadget charger. For an investment of at least $199 on Kickstarter, you can get your very own Electree Bonsai Solar Powered Charger. There are a myriad of charging docks to choose from, but none as unique as the Electree.
  3. 7-inch tablet. Nexus 7, the slim mini-tablet from Google starts at $199 with up to 32GB of storage for watching, playing, searching, navigating, reading and much more with over 700,000 games and apps. Plus, it comes with Android Jelly Bean, and as an official Google device, it will most likely get future OS updates sooner than other Android tablets.
  4. iPad keyboard cover. Prefer a keyboard that has actual keys? Logitech's $100 Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad is a popular wish list item this year for it's multi-purpose functionality and seamless design.
  5. Fridge mount for iPad. The Belkin fridge mount for iPad allows you to position your mobile "cookbook" at eye-level while also avoiding spills. It's a popular and handy utility for kitchen-dwellers and chefs alike, priced at $40.
  6. Wall socket / USB combo. Fashion and function unite is this $30 easy-to-install power hub for your tech charging needs.
  7. Pocket projector. The perfect gift for serial-sharers or marketers on the go, Brookstone offers a variety of portable projectors, including one that fits right onto your iPhone at the sale price of $199.
  8. Mobile power. PowerLine's PowerCup 200/400 converter allows you to plug into your vehicle's 12V power socket and charge up to 3 devices at once. With one USB outlet and 2 AC outlets, and a creative "coffee cup" design, the $25 PowerCup fits into your vehicle's coffee cup holders for convenient charging on-the-go.
  9. Personal 3D printer. If your shopping budget knows no bounds, starting at $1,299 you can acquire Cubify's miniature 3D printer and start getting creative with 3D printing in vibrant colors.
  10. Quality headphones for audio content. Beats by Dr. Dre now come in a rainbow of colors and are on virtually everyone’s Wish List. These high-quality headphones are a perfect way to enhance your content-consumption experience, whether to cancel-out noise or to listen in style.
  11. Cell phone mini lenses. For light packing and maximum portability, we love Photojojo’s magnetic cell phone lenses in Fisheye, Telephoto, and Wide Angle/Macro. These handy little guys fit on ANY phone that takes pictures and you get all 3 (with the bonus macro dual lens) for only $50.
  12. Media streaming box. While there are plenty to choose from, the Roku LT streaming-video box comes with a budget-friendly pricetag at just $50. This unit boasts simple setup to get your Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Instant Video and other streaming video and social sharing subscriptions ready to go for your on-demand entertainment.
  13. LEAP For early-adopters, pre-orders are being accepted for the new $70 LEAP 3D interaction device that utilizes Leap Motion technology for touch-free motion sensing and motion control to operate your computer like a Jedi. 

What tech gifts are on YOUR list this season?

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