Inbound Marketing Week in Review: December 1, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: December 1, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushDec 1 /2012
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This week, the writers at Kuno Creative really stepped up their game turning out several blogs. Here, we share our top blogs, freely handing out information you can't find anywhere else—like why your leads aren't turning into sales and what it takes to be an awesome content marketing manager. We also reveal the most important aspect of a lead nurturing campaign and the many reasons we love HubSpot's social media tool. Read on! 

10 Reasons Why Your B2B Leads Aren't Turning Into Sales

We measure a lot of KPIs in marketing, but none are more important than sales revenues directly attributable to marketing. We marketers really haven't accomplished anything until we've delivered a sustained, measurable increase in sales leads that our sales team can easily close and meet their sales targets. The trouble starts when these objectives aren't met. What's the problem? Rather than point the finger at the sales team, let's take a look at some things we could be doing better. Read on…

7 Characteristics of Promising Inbound Marketing Content Writers

Here’s something you don’t hear often in business today: We’re hiring. And we don’t just have one position open, we have four. Here, we've got a few tips that specifically address the Content Marketing Manager position, a role that’s ideal for content writers with a journalism background and a flare for taking complex topics and turning them into educational or informational prose. Interested? Check out the characteristics here…

The Most Important Part of a Lead Nurturing Campaign

It's the content, right? No, it's the offer. No wait, it's the subject line of the email. How about the landing page or the CTAs? Hmmm, so what is the most important part of any lead nurturing campaign? Well, you were partially right. It's the subject line of the very first lead generation email that goes out and/or the text of the PPC ad or CTA that inaugurates the campaign. Let's dissect this and see why.

How Do You Get More Traffic for Marketing Automation? Start Blogging

Developing a marketing automation system without a constant flow of active leads is like building a ski resort and not having any skiers on the slopes. You need those individuals in order to make your investment worthwhile. There are many different ways to generate traffic that converts to leads: sending emails to a list of established contacts, pay-per-click advertising, or importing and emailing new offline contacts. But one of the most cost-effective ways to generate the necessary traffic that converts to leads for marketing automation is to blog. Find out why here…

8 Reasons to Love HubSpot's Social Media Tool

If you research Social Media Marketing management platforms, you’ll find there are quite a few out there. They each offer a variety of functionality to streamline and scale your social media efforts. For enterprise-level marketers in particular, the value of this can’t be overstated. The challenge with these platforms is that they focus solely on social media, and you might also be utilizing e-mail marketing, a blog, advanced content downloads and a contacts database. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these could be integrated under one software umbrella? With HubSpot’s recently released Social Media Tool, they can. Here are eight reasons I love HubSpot’s social media tool…

Enjoy your Sunday! See you next week. 

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