Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide - New Release!

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide - New Release!

By John McTigueNov 20 /2012

executive inbound marketingI was chatting with Jessica Meher from HubSpot a few weeks ago about creating collaborative content on inbound marketing between our two companies. We decided to do something targeted at big companies, not simply because we both are interested in penetrating that market, but also because the timing is right. Enterprises are becoming acutely aware of inbound marketing as a means of augmenting their digital marketing strategies. You won't find many Fortune 500 companies that are starting from scratch—far from it—but they do want to make their online marketing operations leaner and more effective. So today Kuno Creative and HubSpot are launching their first co-authored download for Enterprise CMOs, The Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide.

What's in the Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide?

  • First, we identify the challenges most enterprise CMOs face these days.
  • We define inbound marketing and how the new lead generation and lead nurturing strategies and technology address their needs
  • Then we get into the weeds on specific best practices, all designed to capture more qualified sales leads and manage them throughout the sales funnel via marketing automation
  • We offer a couple of case studies on enterprises growing their sales pipeline and leveraging social media more effectively using inbound marketing

What's in it for the Enterprise CMO?

You're already aware of inbound marketing from the rapidly growing support and publicity it receives from SMBs and mid-market companies. How does inbound marketing fit into a larger framework where lead generation and marketing automation initiatives are already in progress? What are the missing pieces in your existing strategy, and what alternatives do you have for filling those needs?

We answer those questions, and back our claims with data.

Download your free copy of the Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide.

Enterprise Inbound Marketing Guide

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