Inbound Marketing Week in Review: November 18, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: November 18, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushNov 18 /2012
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This week we pushed ourselves to really take a look at the work we were producing and improve it in some way. And our blogs reflected our efforts, ranging from ensuring our grammar was perfect in our lead nurturing efforts to crafting content that people will take the time to check out. We also explored the idea of expanding our buyer persona development efforts beyond the marketing department and paying attention to buyers behavior toward the bottom of the funnel. Read on! 

Punctuation & Grammar Errors Unforgivable in Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, a component of inbound marketing, is simple: Consumers who are tired of traditional, invasive forms of marketing opt-in to receive content they actually want. This may just be the grammar nerd in me, but I get pretty peeved when I receive an email or document from a coworker or client who clearly didn’t proofread. To me, it’s a sign that the sender doesn’t respect my time (or just thinks I sit around twiddling my thumbs all day, waiting for his or her response). Lead nurturing emails with grammar or punctuation mistakes are the same. You don’t want your potential customers thinking you haphazardly dashed off some communication as an afterthought. You want them to know that you respect their time and would respect them even more as a customer. Learn more…

Is Your Holiday Facebook Contest Following the Rules?

For marketers, the holiday season is a great time to take advantage of engaging with customers—both online and off. The holiday season always seems to see increased contests and sweepstakes distributed through Facebook. Running a contest on Facebook can be a great way to promote a product, increase Page “likes” and generate fan engagement. But is your holiday contest within the limits of Facebook’s rules? Find out here…

5 Ways Customer Service Can Help Craft Buyer Personas

Companies have used myriad methods for devising buyer personas, including surveys and test groups. But why not leverage frontline employees who talk to real customers every day? Check out these five tips you can use to harness the power of your customer service team to refine buyer personas.

Content Snacking: 5 Tips for a Healthy Content Diet

We are all familiar with the concept of snacking. But how does this translate to content marketing? Snacking means small and easily digestible. Reaching your audience members who are busy with work, family, children, friends and attempts at relaxing, can be utterly problematic. Plus, there is that pesky matter of shrinking attention spans. This is where content snacks will provide you the most benefits. Learn more here…

Top Tips for Creating Effective Call-to-Action Copy

Within seconds of seeing your call to action (CTA), a visitor should be able to determine exactly why he or she should take action and what they will get in return for their information or money. The most effective CTA's contain action verbs, which we know describe an action or activity. Excluding these powerful words from your copy leaves the reader with little to no direction and often hurts your click rate ultimately affecting your conversion rate. Think of action verbs as a CTA's BFF—they convey emotion and appeal to the reader’s senses. Learn more here…

How to Recognize Sales-Readiness With Marketing Automation

Digital marketing isn't the same thing as retail sales, but they have some things in common. Sales associates in retail stores are trained to recognize "tells" that indicate whether or not a shopper is ready to buy. Holding up a jacket in front of a mirror to check the size, then trying it on, are sure signs. Time to go offer assistance to help close the sale. How does that translate to a web presence, especially for a B2B business? What signs do visitors and leads leave behind that offer clues to their buy intentions? Find out here…

Thanks for stopping by, we will see you here next week. Have a great Sunday! 

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