How to Inject Personality Into Your Company Facebook Page

How to Inject Personality Into Your Company Facebook Page

By Kuno CreativeOct 22 /2012

facebook-fansThese days, every company is jumping on the social media bandwagon—or thinks it should. Some have already become expert Facebookers with thousands of followers, and others are still growing their online presence. But with all these eager followers, how do you keep everyone entertained while still showcasing your brand? What else do you post besides announcements and news? And most importantly, how do you keep your audiences engaged and eager for more? 

Your Facebook page can’t be all facts and figures; it has to have some interest and zing to it. While perusing my own Facebook account, I read posts from some of the companies I am following, and noticed that some companies are much more “friendly” than others. If you look at some of the best corporate Facebook accounts, you’ll notice someone there knows the way to walk the teeny tiny proverbial line between too dry and too personal.

Keep some personality, but not one-person-at-the-company’s personality. During any social media planning and strategy sessions, decide what kind of persona is right for you.  

Learning From Others

Check out some other companies’ posts for what works and what doesn’t. But this time, really pay attention. And don’t limit yourself to companies in your industry, check out some that are completely unrelated. See what speaks to you.

Try to interact with your followers. Ask them what they think. Share a news article or a new product. Get their feedback. You can even respond to other people’s posts or thank them for their opinions. Remember to keep it relevant. One of my least favorite posts is “Happy Friday” or a random news article out of no where. Try to branch out.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and see how it’s received. It’s also important to let your audience know if something is going on internally (if it’s relevant), like if there’s a malfunction with the contest you’re hosting.

Don’t be afraid to ask different people in the company for new ideas. Facebook is still a “newer” marketing tool, and brainstorming never hurts. Here are a few tips to get you started: 

9 ideas to spice up your corporate Facebook account

  • Share the bios of some of your staff in an interesting way. Include hobbies.
  • Share a news article and tie the piece into something your company is doing.
  • Ask a question about what your audience would like to see from you.
  • Share new products or services. Don’t forget a picture!
  • Share your blog posts (This one is a given. And if you don’t have a blog, get one!)
  • Showcase how you are different. Do you have a company-wide brainstorming meeting every Friday? Does the owner fly helicopters?  Share it!
  • Design an infographic! Bonus points if it’s homemade. Even bigger bonus if it’s so relevant and interesting the image goes viral. 
  • Create a (short) video on a trend, something your team is working on or other tidbit of interest. Don’t worry about filming it on a high-end camera with perfect lighting. Many social media videos are more about content than being star quality. 
  • Post jobs openings at your company. Sometimes the best employees start as interested “followers.”

Remember who you are writing for. Even if you’re a conservative corporate company, keep in mind a human being will be reading what you write. Don’t be too stiff. Try to have your Facebook page truly reflect the persona of your company. Is it a friendly, creative small group? Or a large, serious team? A highly flexible startup? Figure this out ahead of time. Then put some of these ideas and your own awesome brainstorming to work, and enjoy being part of Facebook’s vibrant scene. 

Do you have any ideas on how to keep corporate Facebook pages? Share them here! 

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Allison Pritchard is a professional writer with experience in various media. Most recently, she wrote blogs and other web content for Bonne Bell Company. She has a master's degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and five years of experience as a copywriter, reporter, public relations professional and web writer.

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