Inbound Marketing Week in Review: September 23, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: September 23, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushSep 23 /2012

inbound-marketing-september-reviewThis week was filled with many questions from the Kuno Creative staff: What will happen to marketing automation with Microsoft's Don't-Track-Me Option? What makes a good client? What makes a bad client? Does your marketing content have raison d’être? And what in the world do you do if your lead nurturing efforts don't produce qualified leads? Well read on to find out the answers!

Will Microsoft’s Don’t-Track-Me Option Hurt Marketing Automation?

Microsoft plans to release the latest version of its operating software in late October, which will include Internet Explorer 10. It’s a much-discussed feature of the latest browser that will prompt users during the initial setup to choose whether to keep a pre-selected don’t-track-me option or not. If a user keeps this option, they won’t see ads customized to them by companies that track their online browsing activities. How will this affect marketing automation? Read on...

Sales Tips for Inbound Marketers: A 2-Step Process

You run a small business that provides a service, perhaps even an inbound marketing service. Like a smart service business, you’re running an inbound marketing campaign and you’re kicking butt at it! You’ve got killer content, you’re doing guest posts on major blogs in your industry, you’re an avid reader of top inbound marketing blogs, etc, etc. And, it’s working! … Working a little too well even…Now you have loads of people contacting you and you’ve got to make the most of it. It’s a great position for a small business owner to be in. But it can be a trap, too. How do you make time to continue your own marketing efforts? How do you maintain quality of service? Find out here...

Stop Playing Defense and Start Playing Offense in Inbound Marketing

CEOs and CMOs get together over a few drinks and try to brainstorm the age old question, why isn't our website driving more sales? Why is our brand apparently slipping compared to our competitors? What are we doing wrong? I think they're asking the wrong questions. It's not about fixing the leaks and remodeling the broken hulk we call our online presence. It's about doing something new. In my view, we've been playing defense long enough. Find out how to start playing offense here...

 Does Your Marketing Content Have Raison D’être?

An objective-driven approach to communications is still a new idea for most companies, particularly those in B2B industries. There are challenges to be sure, and it takes a decent investment. But with buyers completing 60 or 70 percent of the purchase process on their own, you need to find ways to distinguish your company. By defining your objectives at the start, you’ll give meaning to your content and give buyers a reason to take notice. Learn more here...

What to Do When Your Lead Nurturing Doesn’t Produce Qualified Leads

Getting started with lead nurturing can require a lot of work. There’s creating content that encourages a website visitor to convert on a form, then you have to write all of your workflow emails, and you might even have subsequent content offers that need created: CTAs, landing pages, more emails. It’s a lot. So when your lead nurturing campaign doesn’t create qualified leads, it may seem like you did a lot of work for nothing. Not true.

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