Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 29, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 29, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushJul 29 /2012

As promised, we are expanding our Inbound Marketing Week in Review to include some of the best articles found across the Internet as a whole. You will still find all the best blogs from inbound marketing july 29Kuno here, but we have included other news that we think you should know about. In the future, send us your favorite articles of the week and you may just see them here! 

5 Common Myths About Social Media Marketing Busted

Social media as a marketing channel is beginning to show signs of maturity. The tools marketers can use to deploy and monitor campaigns are getting more robust, functional, integrated and powerful.  Strategies for social media marketing success are becoming more tried and true by the day. However, many misperceptions about social media marketing persist and continue to be evangelized. Find out what myths have been busted…

4 Content Writing Tips That Can Make Your Boring Niche Irresistible

Let’s be honest — some niches are just more fun to read about than others. Unfortunately, though, if you want to succeed on the world wide web, you can’t just bury your head in the sand when it comes to fresh content.  No matter what niche you’re in, people have questions that need to be answered and problems that need to be solved.  They’re hungry for information, and it’s your job to publish content that gives them the information they need — in a way that’s interesting and easy-to-understand. So, how do you come up with irresistible content in a boring niche? Find out here…

9 Ways to Repurpose Content - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

This week's episode looks at how one idea for a blog post can turn into more than 20 pieces of online content. The video looks at blogs, guest blogs, ebooks, slide presentations, webinars, videos and infographics for content repurposing.

25 Great Inbound Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

There’s the inbound marketing blogs that you read, and then there’s the ones that impact your business and change the way you think. Well, those business-changing gems have made our list of 25 great inbound marketing blogs. In our opinion, these blogs are well, for lack of a better word, addictive. Find out which ones made the list here…

Learning to Become a Lean Inbound Marketing Agency

We are currently working with several lean manufacturing companies, and we are inspired to learn about how they became "lean" in order to transform our own business practices. You don't often hear about "lean marketing agencies." In fact, the traditional Mad Men type of marketing agency was built around excess and glamor, not efficiency and process. But this is 2012, and we all have reason to rethink our strategies. See how we are transforming ourselves...

5 Pre-Lead Nurturing Steps for Sales Funnel Content Mapping

With the growth of Big Data, technology, social media, mobile and connectedness, organic lead nurturing has never been a more powerful marketing tool. It truly allows marketers to deliver the right content to the right person on the right channel at the right time in order to optimize profitable consumer behavior. The first step to setting up a multi-channel lead nurturing program is to map content assets based on the stages of a sales funnel. Check out the five steps required to properly build a content map in order to deploy strategic lead nurturing.  

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content

I had lunch back in March with Adam Torkildson, one of the top SEO consultants in Utah and one of the best in the country. He said something to me that blew me away. “Google is in the process of making the SEO industry obsolete, SEO will be dead in 2 years.” I posted his statement on my blog and immediately received a flurry of comments; many from his colleagues in the SEO industry. Find out more about SEO’s future here…

Inbound Marketing for the Human Brain – Using the Rule of 1, 3 & 7

How do designers and marketers know how many segmentation pathways, navigation elements, calls-to-action (CTAs), banners and links belong on a page, in a column, above the fold, in the footer or on a landing page? Is there any rhyme or reason behind it? Any best practices? Find out here…


That's it! Check back next week for the best in inbound marketing! In the meantime, enjoy some light reading with The Content Marketing Manifesto. Have a great weekend.  

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