Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 22, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 22, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushJul 22 /2012

inbound marketing reviewIt has been a hot, hot week here with temperatures nearly reaching 100 degrees! We are so glad we had the cool comfort of inbound marketing to rely on. Check out our posts about the importance of top-of-the-funnel content, how to create irresistible content, and best practices for posting infographics. You can also learn the nine do's of creating effective webinars and where Chad believes agency branding is heading in 2012. Read on! And next week we will be posting some of our favorite posts from around the web, so don't hesitate to let us know what your favorites may just see them here! 

Content Marketing: What Happened to Top-of-the-Funnel Offers?

Businesses all have the same ultimate goal: get people to buy their product or service. While this is indeed the desired result, it doesn't mean that everyone who visits their website—or store, for that matter—is ready to buy. So why are companies focusing all of their efforts on one bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) offer? Did we forget about the rest of the sales funnel? Did we forget how a funnel actually functions? Without the top of the funnel (TOFU) the whole process—including the desired result—is in jeopardy. Find out how to create quality content here…

9 Do's for Producing Effective Webinars - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics

This week's episode examines nine considerations for producing webinars that will make them more effective at lead capture, customer acquisition and funnel acceleration. The video looks at business goals and the importance and role of an outline, value propositions, design, simplicity, takeaways, calls to action, announcements and Twitter. 

Agency Branding in 2012 & Beyond – Inbound or Something Else?

Many Internet marketing focused agencies are trying to figure out the best way to position their brand for optimal exposure while adequately communicating what they do. Currently, the agency marketplace is rather fragmented regarding semantic brand recognition. Some of the phrases used to brand agencies and describe services include inbound marketing, earned media, demand generation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and Internet optimization. Now the question is, which one is the most popular, will be adopted by the industry and recognized by prospects?

Be a Brand Hero: Create Irresistible Content Every Day

Creating quality content every single day can be difficult—really challenging some days. We know that Google requires fresh content on a regular basis to remain relevant in search results but remaining intriguing and fresh can become exhausting. After a few weeks or months, we may surrender to the weight of producing quality content and simply start posting good-enough content or, sometimes, even substandard content. Here are a few tips to creating irresistible, magnetic content on a regular basis that will make you a brand hero...

Infographics as Link Bait May Soon Provide Diminishing SEO Returns

Just a few weeks ago Eric Engeof Stone Temple Consultinginterviewed Google’s Matt Cuttsabout what makes a quality website. The interview primarily centered on SEO and delved into link building, brand building, link profiles, content differentiation, Panda, Penguin and others. However, what really caught our attention over here in the Kuno labs was Matt’s comment about infographics. Find out what it was here…


Thanks for joining us this weekend! Have a fantastic Sunday and we will see you back here tomorrow for another great week in inbound marketing! 

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