Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 15, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: July 15, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushJul 15 /2012

internet marketing reviewThis week was a busy one here in the Kuno Labs, but we found time to discuss the biggest topics in inbound marketing. Don't miss out on tips for writing quick—yet efficient—blogs, using QR codes appropriately and understanding what Big Data really is. Plus, we've got ideas for remaining productive when the Internet goes down and encouraging writers and designers to work together. Finally, download the slides from our most recent webinar, "The Case for Content Marketing." Ready. Set. Read! 

10 Steps for Writing a Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less

Coming up with good blog posts on a daily basis can be a challenging task indeed. Here we share the secret to whipping up a quick valuable blog post for those queue-is-empty days. Readers – meet the tried and true Top 10 List...

5 Tips for Using QR Codes - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

This week's episode examines five considerations when deploying QR Codes for mobile marketing campaigns. In particular, we identify where to create them, how to track them, clean versus busy QR Codes and landing page considerations.

Big Data Made Simple – What Marketers Need to Know

Everywhere you turn these days someone, somewhere is talking about Big Data. It’s in business magazines, blogs, radio news, television, etc. Big Data seems to be everywhere, but no one seems to truly know what it is exactly according to Forbes contributor Dave Feinleib in his article The 3 I’s of Big Data. For a better understanding of Big Data, read on…

The Business Case for Content Marketing - Facts, Figures & Data

Thanks to everyone who joined the Kuno Creative Inbound Marketing Team to learn why content marketing is the foundation of successful Internet marketing, how it affects organic, referral, social media and direct traffic to a website and how to deploy it in a sales funnel. If you were unable to attend, or would like a copy of the presentation, feel free to download the webinar slides here...

Top 5 Things for Inbound Marketers to do When the Internet Goes Down

Your Internet connection may seem like your lifeline, but there are times when it is not accessible (gasp!). Sometimes the power goes out, sometimes just the Internet goes down and sometimes you lose your iPhone at the Gap (well maybe that’s just me) but the question is, as an inbound marketer, how do you stay productive when you can’t get on the Internet? Find out here…

Creating Captivating Content: Writers + Designers Forever

Separately, neither a writer nor a designer truly has the capacity to draw in potential leads and customers, guide them through the prepared information and persuade them to take action. But when their powers combine, they increase drastically. However, companies often keep them separated behind cubicle walls or even considered as part of different teams. Find out how writers and designers who work together create better content…

Thanks for stopping by! Catch you next week! 

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