How to Use 'Fit' Metrics for Lead Scoring

How to Use 'Fit' Metrics for Lead Scoring

By Guest BloggerJun 7 /2012

fit metrics lead scoringWithout lead scoring, your sales team risks wasted time on opportunities that will never convert, while the best prospects fall through the cracks. Take control of your leads pipeline today with the below introductory guide from VisionEdge Marketing President Laura Patterson, recorded and produced by research firm Software Advice

The first in a two-part series, Patterson demonstrates how to use "fit" metrics to start building your leads schema. She suggest viewers start with defining what "sales ready" means for your company or when marketing would hand the lead off to sales. This could be as soon as the opportunity is identified or only after they've responded to drip campaigns, downloaded white papers or taken other actions that suggest they are ready to buy.

Next, she challenges viewers to ask what key factors help discern if an opportunity is a match for your company and product: Is it in the right market? Is it the right kind of company? Is this person the decision maker? Do they have the right kind of problem? Does our product solve that problem? These answers will help you decide what fit metrics you should score. 

Check out the video for further tips on how to use "fit" to start your lead scoring program.

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ashley furnessAshley Furness is a market analyst and blogger for research agency Software Advice. She researches and reports on topics related to CRM, MA, SFA and sales and marketing trends. Previous to her current role, she was a business journalist for major publications in California and Texas. She also led sales process management at a daily deals startup.

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