10 Ways to Extend Your Content Marketing to Other Websites

10 Ways to Extend Your Content Marketing to Other Websites

By Chad PollittJun 6 /2012

Extending Content Marketing to Other WebsitesThere are many advantages to using content marketing as the foundation of an inbound campaign. However, diverse content marketing deployments of highly desired, quality content will help the campaign spread to other web properties throughout the Internet and act as a force multiplier. This positively impacts brand equity, SEO and website traffic. Below are ten ways a content marketing campaign can be spread to other web properties.

  1. Syndication – This is a coveted method for many inbound marketers. If a highly traveled blog or curation site likes your content, they may request to republish it on their site. If you say yes, be prepared to see your traffic and leads increase. If you don’t get any requests, it’s ok to be proactive and reach out to some blogs that curate.
  2. Guest Blogging – Being invited to guest blog has been happening before the term was used. There have been thousands of posts written about it, too. So rather than rehash everyone else’s thoughts, always remember to be open to writing blog posts for other sites. It’s also not a bad idea to make it known you are willing. It may lead to reciprocation and guest posts for your site, as well.
  3. Interviews – Having a media kit on your website is one way to attract interviews. However, the best way is to publish the best content as frequently as you can. You’ll be surprised at the attention it gets from bloggers and media folks craving a great interview. The answers you give should correspond and/or point to existing content efforts.  
  4. Social Media – This is an easy one. Any good social media marketer who doesn’t sell snake oil knows that content is the life blood of social media. Make sure you have social sharing buttons on as much of your content as possible. Also, figure out the best formula for distributing your content on your own social media properties.
  5. Presentations – SlideShare.net isn’t the only slide deck website. There’s actually many. If you create presentations as part of your content marketing, consider uploading them to SlideShare and some of these sites for additional visibility: Prezi, SlideSix, AuthorStream, and Empressr.  
  6. Product/Service Reviews – There’s nothing wrong with enticing bloggers with free products and services to write reviews for your brand. It’s a common practice for link builders, but it can also be a nice extension and force multiplier for a content marketing campaign.
  7. Infographics – Unique, well designed and never published before infographics are highly sought after by many popular blogs and websites. If you have the throughput to create them regularly, consider offering them up one at a time to a select few popular websites. Offer them exclusive publishing rights for a few months. Occasionally, drop them on your blog, too. You’ll start to see them pop up all over the Internet.  
  8. Press Releases – No longer are press releases just used to pander to the press. In fact, they’re not just a tool to build inbound links either. Press releases can drive traffic and conversions for your ebooks, downloads and white papers when enticingly written to do so and distributed on the right wire. Many are also syndicated on hundreds of websites.
  9. Podcasts – Audio content doesn’t only have to be published exclusively for your blog. With tools like iTunes, it’s very easy to upload audio and offer it up to millions.
  10. Videos – The popularity of YouTube is no secret. By placing educating and/or entertaining video content on YouTube, your content may not only get an audience on YouTube, but can be embedded on almost any website.

The takeaway from the above is simple; the more diverse your content marketing campaign is the more potential visibility, visitors, conversions, leads and customers it can produce. It doesn’t matter if you distribute the content to other websites or others do it for you. If the campaign is robust and the content quality is high, both should happen. For more help with content marketing, download The Content Marketing Manifesto.

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