Inbound Marketing Week in Review: June 3, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: June 3, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushJun 3 /2012

awesome inbound marketingIt was a short week, but we've still got plenty of valuable information here. Catch up and meet us back here next week for another round of top tips and trends.  

4 Hallmarks of a Great Lead Nurturing Email

Most of us hate receiving spammy emails, so you should go to great lengths to avoid contributing to that flow of garbage. Spend as much time and thought on your emails as you do on your other lead conversion content, and you will reap the benefits of higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Learn how here…

Using Content Marketing to Reach the Press

Journalists (the good ones, anyway) want to get their hands on any videos, fact sheets, b-roll, tour logs, photos and information you may have. They knew that is what would set their piece apart from the others in the news that day. So how can your company leverage this journalistic need? Start producing relevant, quality content that can be collected into an assortment of information, whether it be in the form of a blog, resource center or brand library. Get tips for reaching the press with content marketing here…

Top 10 Ways to Get Hired as an Inbound Marketing Consultant

Yes, we're hiring, so this would be a good blog post for you applicants to read, preferably well in advance of applying. My partner Chris and I agree on several important things in this regard - and our decisions usually boil down to a few simple things when it comes to hiring an inbound marketing consultant, or anyone else for that matter. Here's our top 10.

The Headline Switcheroo: Print versus Online Content Marketing

One specific article, "Digital Content Seeks PR For Something More," had a completely different headline for the online version: "4 Ways to Use PR in Your Content Marketing Efforts [Case Study]." To get some extra expertise on the matter, I thought I would track down the author and CCO editor, Clare McDermott, to talk about the headline switcheroo. Check out what she had to say…

3 Prime Time Blog Topics for Better BOFU Lead Nurturing

A few well-timed bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) blog topics can go a long way toward improving your lead-to-customer conversion rates. Here are some prime time examples...

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Free Conversion, SEO & SMO Guide for Blogs

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