Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 27, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: May 27, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushMay 27 /2012

inbound marketingThis week we talked Google Tools, SlideShare views and B2B customers. We also focused on Content Marketing tips, tactics and analytics. There is no doubt there's some useful information here, so read on! And don't forget to hit us up next week for more inbound marketing knowledge.

Connect Google Tools for Maximum Benefits

It’s important to take advantage of all the aspects of what we’ll call the “Google-webmaster-suite,” as this will force Google to index your site. So on every site, you want to include Analytics, Webmaster Tools and, if you’re site’s large enough, Custom Site Search. Find out how here. 

How Well Do You Know Your B2B Buyer Behavior?

In several excellent posts on B2B Buyer Behavior and Buyer Persona, Tony Zambito points out how little most marketers know about their actual and potential customers. Buyer behavior has evolved dramatically in recent years, yet sales and marketing organizations are still inclined to use the same old tactics and hope for the best. Check out some avenues we marketers need to explore in order to better leverage this data here.

How to Garner More Than 50K Slide Deck Views on SlideShare

The steps in this post will increase the likelihood of being featured on the SlideShare home page. You’ll get to watch the views, downloads and embeds pour in if that happens. Get the top tips here. 

Content Marketing Analytics - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

This week's episode examines how the development and deployment of regularly published content to a website affects the online analytics and metrics associated with organic search, social media, referring sites and direct traffic. 

Why Content Marketing Works No Matter the Length of Your Sales Cycle

Each industry has its own sales cycle length, ranging from one day to one year or maybe even longer, like a retirement community client of ours. Does this mean that content marketing will work no matter the length of the sales cycle? The answer is yes. Find out why here. 

20 Questions to Ask Your B2B Leads, Prospects and Customers

Gathering information on your buyers is your responsibility, not theirs. They may or may not volunteer critical information during the buy cycle, but chances are, they won't offer any more than they need to. So, it's up to us to craft our lead generation, lead nurturing and sales process to qualify our leads and develop them into prospects and customers. Find out what you should be asking...

Mastering the Art of the Content Marketing Interview

 Whether you are interviewing the CEO of your own company or product managers of companies your agency represents, the process is the same. To be good at interviewing there are two things you must be: prepared and confident. Follow these tips to equip yourself before any interview and you will be on your way to creating compelling, storytelling content. 


For some light reading over the holiday weekend, download our Content Marketing Manifesto. Otherwise enjoy Memorial Day! See you Tuesday.

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