Google Search Revamp To “Think Like A Human” [Breaking]

Google Search Revamp To “Think Like A Human” [Breaking]

By Jesse PenningtonMay 16 /2012

On Wednesday, May 16th, 2012, Google announced a major change to its search engine and how the results will be delivered using their new tool, Knowledge Graph. For instance, when you type in “Angels,” what do you mean? Are you searching for religious information or the Anaheim MLB Team? The introduction of Knowledge Graph should help decipher this common search issue or, as Google puts it, “to think more like a human does.”

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"The web pages we [currently] return for the search 'kings,' they're all good," Jack Menzel, director of product management at Google, told CNN in an interview. "You, as a human, associate those words with their real-world meaning but, for a computer, they're just a random string of characters."

Results will be arranged in boxes that each contain a category for which your search term might fall into. The user then selects the category that pertains to his or her intended meaning and a list of results will then display within that selected context.

"It hones your search results right in on the task that you're after," Menzel said.

Menzel says the initial version of Knowledge Graph has information on 500 million people, places and things and uses 3.5 billion defining attributes and connections to create categories for them.

Knowledge Graph will being rolling out immediately for some users in the United States, but will eventually be available to users on desktops, mobile platforms and tablets. It will first become available in English, then in other languages.

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