Top 10 Lead Scoring Wishlist for Marketing Automation

Top 10 Lead Scoring Wishlist for Marketing Automation

By John McTigueMay 16 /2012

lead scoring wishlistI've been thinking a lot about lead scoring lately. When I wear my sales/business development hat, I would like to be as efficient as possible. I want to reach out to not only warm leads, but "optimal" leads. I want to ultimately find customers that are a good fit for us as a company, as well as the most likely to succeed from our inbound marketing services. It's the old "5 Minute Sales Call" dream that I would like to make a reality. Lead scoring is the key to making my dream come true. Here are my top 10 wishlist items for lead scoring. Some of them exist in current marketing automation software. Others are under development. I hope they all get consideration sooner rather than later.

how well does your marketing automation software do lead nurturing

My Top 10 Wishlist Items for Lead Scoring

  1. Assign points for any field used in a lead capture form, automatically score and segment leads based on answers and selection criteria
  2. Check past entries and flag for changes or updates in key fields
  3. Validate field entries (for example name, email, company, phone) against a selected business database (, Hoovers, DNB, Jigsaw, etc.)
  4. Assign points for specific lead life behaviors - pages, CTAs, comments, repeat visits and views, form conversions, video plays and replays, time on site, time on pages, blog email and rss subscription, social media shares
  5. Assign points for campaign interactions - email click-throughs, PPC click-throughs, banner ad click-throughs, press release click-throughs, QR code scans, SMS visits and conversions, other outbound campaign visits or click-throughs
  6. Assign points for mobile site visits, downloads and lead conversions
  7. Assign points directly by sales reps based on specific questions and answers
  8. Map the position of a lead in the sales funnel based on scoring criteria, content consumed and lead lifecycle behavior
  9. Notify sales reps by CRM alert, email and text when lead scoring thresholds are reached
  10. Visualize critical lead data, trends and hot leads in both web and mobile-friendly dashboards for sales reps, sales managers and marketing personnel

Please feel free to let me know if your marketing automation solution has any (or preferably all) of these covered in the comments below. Right now, my impression is that some of these are currently available, but not all of them. If you have some of these on your software development roadmap, that would be worth knowing, as well. If you can think of other wishlist items, let's hear those, too.

Happy hunting!

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