LinkedIn iPad App Puts Content on Top

LinkedIn iPad App Puts Content on Top

By Dan StasiewskiMay 1 /2012

Last week, LinkedIn finally released its long-awaited iPad app. Rather than being just another social connection application, LinkedIn’s entry into the tablet world puts content on top... literally.

Here’s a screen shot of the app, which includes “All Updates” in the first position:

linkedin ipad app
This feature is a massive change for the professional social network, which has added more robust content sharing features over the last year. And unlike, say, Twitter or Facebook apps, LinkedIn’s app is specifically designed as a social business digest, mimicking the popular Flipboard app.

linkedin ipad all updates
While there are plenty of handy features, including personal Google and Exchange calendar feeds, as well as the ability to add professional connections, content and inbound marketers should focus their attention on this “All Updates” section.

Here are a few tips for sharing content on LinkedIn’s new iPad app:

  1. Feel free to overshare: While even I was hesitant to overwhelm my LinkedIn feed with content from our blog and other sources, the LinkedIn iPad app is now inviting you to do so. If you’re only used to updating LinkedIn every couple days, it’s time to make it part of your daily routine.
  2. Connect your Twitter: Much like Flipboard, the new LinkedIn iPad app incorporates Tweets into its digest. When you send a Tweet you think your LinkedIn followers should see, be sure to add the “#in” hashtag so that it appears in the iPad digest.
  3. Participate in Groups: Each flip of the LinkedIn “All Updates” pages includes a feed of the latest group postings. If you haven’t joined a conversation yet, take the time to ask questions or share your expertise in a group related to your industry.

The app does lack some nice features (which I won’t belabor here), but this beautifully laid out content feed does exactly what it’s meant to do. What’s that? Well, as one app store commenter put it, “It makes me want to spend more time browsing around my professional groups and networks.”

Have you tried the new LinkedIn iPad app yet? What do you think?

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Learn How to Make LinkedIn an Important Part of Your Inbound Marketing Mix

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