Inbound Marketing Can Offer Balance to Your Marketing

Inbound Marketing Can Offer Balance to Your Marketing

By Kay SmithMay 2 /2012

inbound marketing balanceBalance can be a great thing in most areas of business and life, and your marketing is no exception. In a fast-paced world of deadlines and rushing, inbound marketing can offer a Zen presence and nice harmony in your marketing toolkit. Infusing balance with your approach to marketing will make you and your customers happier, establishing a healthy relationship from the beginning.

5 Simple Ways to Bring Balance to Your Marketing:

  • Let potential customers go at their own pace. Inbound marketing allows your potential customers to sort through your content in their own time. This is your opportunity to let them know who you are and how you can provide value to their company. By consuming your content throughout the sales process, they become familiar with you in the comfort of their own office and on their own terms. Your downloads and lead nurturing strategy should offer natural flow down your sales funnel while informing and further educating  them the deeper they go.
  • Offer balance in your content. Having a good mix of advanced content keeps things fresh. Most want to read at least 10 pieces of content before buying. Whitepapers, video, infographics and other types of downloadable content are great tools for potential clients to easily share with other members of their team to educate and learn. Blogging regularly should be a critical component in your content marketing strategy; keep your content well-rounded in topics and platforms to appeal to a variety of people.
  • Harmonize your marketing with integration. Outbound marketing does have its benefits and is still relevant in your marketing plan. The best campaigns use an integrated approach of mixing inbound and outbound methods. From direct mail campaign and advertising to Facebook promotions and landing pages, every medium of your campaign should be consistent in its message and design. An integrated strategy will reach a larger number of people from all walks of life. Both approaches have their advantages, and you would be wise to employ as many of these mediums that make sense for your strategy.
  • Be a good listener. Your first call with a potential customer is not a presentation, but rather a two-way conversation. While you are trying to sell your services and solutions, you are also qualifying them as a potential long-term customer. Take time to really listen to their goals, problems and past efforts. It is your job to ask questions and find out crucial information about their needs, pain points and decision-making process. Be sensitive to any positive or negative cues that can indicate whether this is a good fit for both parties involved.
  • Take on a Zen attitude. Channel your inner zen and be helpful, friendly and patient. Do not force your services or solutions on someone who is not ready; otherwise the relationship will inevitably not work. Let the potential client reach his or her decision to sign up with you naturally and you will both be happier.

May the Balance Be With You

There are no absolutes in business, but bringing balance to your marketing has its advantages. Mix up your advanced content and let potential leads go at their own pace through your sales funnel. Integrate your campaign with both inbound and outbound methods and listen carefully and attentively to their challenges. If you find something is not working, reevaluate what you are doing and adjust your approach. Your marketing plan will benefit from a well-rounded strategy.

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