Are You Utilizing All of Facebook Timeline’s Changes?

Are You Utilizing All of Facebook Timeline’s Changes?

By Jenny TrasterApr 26 /2012

We all grumble each time Facebook initiates a new layout, updating our own statuses with complaints. But it's almost been a month since Facebook implemented the new Timeline layout for business pages, and some companies haven’t taken advantage of the new changes yet. If you use Timeline for Business pages the correct way, it’s easy to see that it truly is better than the older version, not to mention more user-friendly for both the page manager and those that “Like” the page.

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Tips for making the most of Timeline for Business:

  • Cover Photo. If you decide not to employ any of Timeline’s features, at the very least add a cover photo. The cover photo is located at the top of your Timeline, overlapping with your profile picture and above the tabs. For companies that have not uploaded a cover photo, users see a shaded blue area where they have already come to expect a large photo.

    This photo doesn’t need to be overdesigned; it can be a simple photo you took at an event, a tradeshow or even of your product. The only rule is that photos must not center around a current promotion, giveaway or call to action.

    Tip: The exact size of the cover photo is 851px x 315px. However, Facebook will allow you to upload a photo that is at least 720px wide.
  • Profile Picture. Many companies choose to use their logo, as this image is what shows up as a thumbnail in news feeds. Therefore, whatever image you choose, it should be recognizable to your consumers.

    Tip: Facebook announced that the profile pictures are changing sizes. As of April 26, your profile picture will be 160 x 160 pixels and will sit at 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the Page.
  • Highlight stories. The ability to highlight a photo album, video or status update is another great tool for Facebook Timeline. The highlighting feature will allow you to select a post to expand the entire width of your Timeline. Bring attention to an important company event or product launch by hovering over a post and clicking the star in the right corner.

    Tip: They say a photo speaks a thousand words; with Facebook Timeline highlighting an album will allow you to share a novel’s worth of photos. When you highlight an album, you can pick one photo to expand the Timeline’s width and other photos from the same album will appear as thumbnails.
  • Add Milestones. Does your company have an important date or just win an industry award? Add it as a milestone! When Facebook launched Timeline, they meant it to be just that! Important years will show up on the right-hand side of your Timeline, allowing your customers to click on years and take them to the milestones you’ve added.  This is your place to define key moments in your company’s history.

    Tip: Don’t add all of your milestones at once, as these posts go out to everyone who “likes” your page’s newsfeed.
  • Apps & Tabs. Here are the details: You cannot customize the “Likes” tab. The photos and events tab will pull through the most recent image you’ve uploaded. Photos will always be the first tab; all of the others can be swapped within each other.

    With Facebook Timeline, customizable apps are much more visible to the user. They are no longer small and off to the left-hand side. Now they are visible right underneath the cover photo!

    Tip: If you use a custom tab builder, you’ll have total control of your tab image. The size of the tab image is 111px by 74px.
  • Use the About Section.  Even though you cannot use your cover photo for current promotions, you can use the About section. Unless your page is used as a Place or Local Business (which will automatically default your About section with location information, phone number, etc), you can use your About section to include a URL linking to a current promotion or download.

    Tip: Users will see 160 characters on your Timeline; use it wisely and don’t let the information cut off as previously done on the old layout. Don’t forget that users can click for more About information. Here, they will see a company mission statement, overview and a more detailed company description. Don’t forget to fill out these fields.
  • Pin it to the top. Have a big event to promote? Pin it to the top! Hover over the upper right-hand corner of the post. Two icons will show up. Hover over the pencil icon that says “Edit or Remove.” Click on the icon and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on the top link “Pin to Top.” For benefits of pinning to the top, check out Vanessa’s post.

    Tip: The pinned post will remain at the top of your Timeline feed for up to seven days unless you remove the pin sooner.  After seven days, the post will fall back to its appropriate date on the Timeline.

With the new Facebook Timeline, you have to view your page as prime real estate. Really think about what is the most important information for your customer to see.  And don’t forget what the purpose of the Timeline is to make it easier for you to share information and engage with your Facebook visitors!

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