What's Your Favorite Inbound Marketing Website? - Pin It Today!

What's Your Favorite Inbound Marketing Website? - Pin It Today!

By John McTigueApr 27 /2012

Many of you are probably wondering if Pinterest has any practical marketing value. In many ways like Facebook, Pinterest seems like a personal social media site where you share photos and graphics of your favorite people, places and things. Why not put it to good use in a business/marketing sense? Here's an idea - a poll/contest to find great examples from the user community.

best inbound marketing website contest on pinterestToday we're launching a contest on Pinterest to find the best examples of inbound-marketing-ready websites, as voted by you, our Pinterest followers. This will be a great way for you to share your favorite sites and vote for your favorites that are nominated by others. We invite you to repin your favorites and share your comments on why you voted for them. We will simply count the "likes" and post the results in our blog, on Pinterest and in our other social networks to spread the word. Winning sites will receive a very nice "bump" of inbound links and traffic (hopefully leads as well), which is, after all, the whole point of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Criteria

We're looking for websites that have the right blend of classic inbound marketing features, such as blogs, calls-to-action, and advanced content with an eye-catching design and clear messaging. These are things you should be looking for in your own website as well as in potential business partners and vendors. The best designs for inbound marketing are clear, attractive and inviting to click through to become a lead. We can't see the data behind each site to know which sites are truly building a strong following, but chances are the best designed sites are also doing well in the metrics department.

How to Enter Your Favorite Website

  1. Enter your favorite inbound marketing website(s) in the comments below. We will review them to make sure they are legitimate websites and pin those that qualify as soon as possible.
  2. Go to our Pinterest Board and "like" the ones you like. Hopefully you will gain some insight from other pins and think about how you could improve your own brand's website.

Pinterest Contest Rules

  1. Don't promote your own site - we can't stop you from doing this, but let's try to be fair, balanced and transparent about this.
  2. Don't pin or "like" the same website over and over again. We will be monitoring the results and reserve the right to remove the "gamers."
  3. If you're an agency, don't vote for your client sites only. If there's one you really think is outstanding, fair enough, but again, let's try to be fair and objective about this so that everyone wins.
  4. Feel free to promote your pins! The more participants the better, so that we get a great sampling of the very best inbound marketing websites.


We will post the results here, on our Pinterest Board, on Facebook and Twitter, and everywhere in between. We hope you will participate, share your favorites and learn from other "pins." Your comments are welcome of course, so let's start pinning.

Add Your Favorite Inbound Marketing Website on Our Pinterest Board via the Comments Below.

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