11 Steps for Online Lead Nurturing - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

11 Steps for Online Lead Nurturing - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

By Chad PollittApr 24 /2012

Tuesdays Inbound Marketing Tips & TacticsTuesday's Tips & Tactics - Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less is a weekly series presented by a member of the Kuno Creative inbound marketing team. The series is designed to instruct viewers on the best ways to think about and deploy inbound marketing tactics in order to maximize marketing resources, leads and sales. Each week will be completely devoid of hype and focus exclusively on proven concepts and tactics deployed every day in the Kuno labs.

This week's episode looks at email lead nurturing, a major tactic in marketing automation. Email lead nurturing is the deployment of a custom designed email drip campaign based on the action a website visitor takes. The presentation introduces 11 critical steps for marketing automation success utilizing email lead nurturing. Specifically, we look at opt-in content organization based on your sales funnel, logical sales funnel paths, best practices, email timing, analytics and testing.

Join us next week for a Tuesday’s Tips & Tactics on social media automation for Twitter. Feel free to leave questions and topics of interest for future shows in the comments box below.

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