Spring Clean Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Spring Clean Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

By Jami SchneiderApr 23 /2012

spring clean marketingSpring has officially come; now it’s time for a little Spring Cleaning! Not only does this valuable tradition apply to your closets and garages, but it should also apply to your business. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to reassess your marketing efforts and make the needed updates so you can meet your marketing goals for the rest of the year. Follow the steps below to get started.

5 Must-do Tips to Spring Clean Your Marketing:

  • Clean-Up Your Website: How current is your website? Your website needs ongoing updates so it is consistently optimized for inbound marketing and lead capture. There may be old banner messages or coupons lingering on your site. Freshen it up with new offers and update main messaging in the banner areas of the website to match your current campaigns or promotions. Most importantly, create clear calls-to-action and landing pages for new pieces of advanced content. Here are a few ways to get your website back into shape!
  • Boost Your Use of Social Media: If you are a small business owner, social media can be a very effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Spend some time getting to know Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn and begin to engage with people on these social media platforms. If you are already active in the social media space, be sure to reexamine your strategy and make decisions based on what has worked and what has not. If social media automation works for you, great! If you feel that your posts are self-promotional, err on the side of educational posts, as opposed to promotional posts, and don’t be too repetitive. You can start by spring cleaning your Twitter account!
  • Create Fresh Advanced Content: Start by thinking about which types of content will most appeal to your target audience. If you know that your target market responds to video marketing, make more videos. Keep in mind: It’s important to incorporate multiple types of content into your strategy; include whitepapers, video, infographics and other types of downloadable content. This will not only keep your site engaging, but it provides opportunities to repurpose content.
  • Ramp Up your Blogging: If you can only do one thing, make it a goal to blog three times per week to help your website’s SEO. Your website will be indexed more frequently by Google, as each post represents a new opportunity to rank for new keywords, and the valuable fresh content can increase your inbound links. The more blogs published means the likelihood of them being shared increases and your business itself will become more recognizable. Check out these real-life examples of the impact of blogging on a business. 
  • Search Yourself: Do you know what people are saying about you? If not, you should. You need to be aware of what people are saying in order to improve. Do a Google search of your business and see what comes up. There may be reviews for your business out there that are good and bad. These reviews provide a great opportunity for customer engagement: If a customer says something positive about your product, be sure to thank them. If a customer dislikes your product, be sure to find out their pain point and offer a resolution. Use this information to create helpful content (whitepapers, blogs, and special offers) that help your potential customers!

Now is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start in marketing your business. Utilize the energy of Spring and get going! When you do, let us know what you are doing to Spring Clean your marketing!

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