Top 10 “Hidden Gem” Internet Marketing Blogs You May Not Be Reading

Top 10 “Hidden Gem” Internet Marketing Blogs You May Not Be Reading

By Chad PollittApr 17 /2012

Internet Marketing Blogs - Hidden GemsRather than writing a post highlighting the usual suspect blogs you see in everyone’s Twitter feeds (you know the ones), this post will focus on the blogs that may or may not be in your peripheral vision. The below blogs are highly recommended because they’re produced by passionate practitioners of one or many Internet marketing disciplines. The authors live and work in the online trenches and their advice is always timely, prudent, sound and full of passion. If online success is your goal then emulating and absorbing the below blogs will definitely help.    


This blog is published by Dan Shure who runs a small Massachusetts SEO agency by the same name. Dan guest posts on numerous large SEO blogs (the usual suspects), but this one is home to lots of little SEO golden nuggets of wisdom.   


Margie is a very prolific blogger. She grew up around marketing and represents the third generation of marketers at Clayman Advertising, Inc. From social media to branding, look to Margie’s blog for sound marketing advice.   


My Web Writers is a content creation company in Fort Wayne, IN. Jean Bansemer started the blog two years ago and boasts a highly skilled team of writers. Their blog is riddled with lots of great content marketing and social media gems.


Michael Brenner is the co-founder of and serves as a Sr. Director of Integrated Marketing for SAP. His posts on are always helpful and delve into topics like content marketing, demand generation, social media and many others.


Steve Olenski writes about creative marketing, social media, idea generation and innovative thinking on his blog. His posts are so good that they get syndicated on many of the top marketing blogs on the Internet today.


Kyle Lacy is a Principal of Marketing Research and Education for Exact Target and author of two very popular marketing books. His blog brings together his thoughts and the thoughts of many skilled guests. Look to for cutting edge social media and marketing fodder.


Harrison Painter hosted the No. 1 social media Ustream show GoGladiatorTV. He frequently muses over many online marketing topics and brings a level of passion rarely seen in the online biz on


Nick Stamoulis not only publishes frequently on the Brick Marketing blog, but he also runs the company. Brick Marketing is a full service SEO and SEM agency. On top of that, Nick also blogs daily on the popular (not a "hidden" gem).  Look to the Brick Marketing blog for great SEO advice.


The SavvyB2BMarketing blog is made up of a talented team of marketing professionals and writers. Their posts delve into business and marketing topics both online and offline. This blog is a must subscribe for business professionals.


Rocky Walls is the CEO of 12 Stars Media Productions. He and his talented team focus on video production and strategy. Their blog posts concentrate heavily on the video side of the web and how best to leverage this powerful content asset. Look to the blog for help before, during and after video deployment.

While there are many “hidden gems” on the Internet, the 10 above are some of my favorites. Their posts have helped inspire my online campaigns and have taught me many new tactics over the years. Without a doubt, if you commit to reading the above they will inspire you to reach new heights in your online marketing endeavors, too.

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