Inbound Marketing Week in Review: April 8, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: April 8, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushApr 8 /2012

describe the imageCan’t find the time to fit in Kuno’s awesome blogs or just can’t get enough Inbound Marketing? Get caught up on this week’s posts in a snap! Learn how to protect your WordPress site from hackers, optimize your blogs for conversion and keep it simple like George Strait. You’ll also get caught up with HubSpot and Google. Read on!

Simple Steps to Safeguard your WordPress Website

Hackers love the idea of attacking vulnerabilities in one universal platform like WordPress, which can reach 47 million+ websites. Because its market share is so vast, the Google Webmaster team is now warning webmasters who still use an older version of the CMS to update immediately.

Securing your WordPress site can be done with relative ease; here are a few tips on how to safeguard your site from these common attacks.

Blog Post Conversion Optimization - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics [Video]

This week's episode looks at blog post optimization with calls to action (CTAs), otherwise known as conversion optimization. Check out the video here…

George Strait Nails Content Marketing, You Can Too

George follows three principles: use simple language, keep it short and make it relatable. Keep these guidelines in mind when you write content on a daily basis, and while you may not become a country singing superstar, you can create highly shareable, quality content.

Leveraging the HubSpot Conversion Assists Report

Until recently, your job was to infer from diverse metrics which types of content give you the highest conversion rates for leads and customers. Now your job has been made much easier with HubSpot's Conversion Assists Report.

Google Files ‘Ambient Background’ Spy Tech Patent

Google recently filed for a patent called "Advertising Based on Environmental Conditions.” This would theoretically take advantage of technology in common digital devices such as your television, X-box Kinect, digital appliances, apps, laptops, smart phones and anything else to build a consumer profile based on the “background noise” it picks up. Learn more about how it is affecting Inbound Marketing efforts here…

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and we will see you back here next week!

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