“In Search of. . .” The Dumbest Twitter Auto-DM in the World

“In Search of. . .” The Dumbest Twitter Auto-DM in the World

By Chad PollittApr 10 /2012

In Search of the Dumbest Auto DM in the worldIs the Twitter auto-direct message (auto-DM) the most annoying thing in the world of social media? Many, including myself, would say, “Yes!” Not only are they annoying, but they fail miserably at lead acquisition, businesses development or whatever the call to action in the tweet is. Twitter auto-DMs actually tend to make the purveyor look lazy and gimmicky, whether it’s a person or a brand. After receiving one of the dumbest auto-DMs that has ever scampered across my Tweetdeck, I decided to solicit you for the worst auto-DM you’ve ever seen. But first, let’s look at some stupid auto-DMs we've received here in the Kuno Labs.

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For those of you who are Star Trek nerds or just have fond memories of '80s television shows, perhaps you’re aware of the show “In Search of. . .” It was hosted by Leonard Nimoy (Spock aka @TheRealNimoy), ran from 1976 to 1982 and replayed throughout the '80s.

The ending voiceover credits of the show did a great job of explaining what they were in search of. Here’s a transcript of the auto-DM version of the voiceover. Pretend it’s being said by Leonard Nimoy when you read it:

Lost civilizations (spammers), extraterrestrials (affiliates), myths (bad practices) and monsters (trolls), missing persons (social media ninjas), magic (black hats) and witchcraft (gurus), unexplained phenomena. "In Search Of..." cameras (Twitter users) are traveling the world (Twitter), seeking out these great mysteries (auto-DMs). This program (blog post) was the result of the work of scientists (bloggers), researchers (inbound marketers) and a group of highly-skilled technicians (social media marketers).”

Now it’s your turn to add to the dumbest auto-DM in the world list. Don’t be shy, we know you receive them. Just leave one or more in the comments box below and help us document the great mystery behind the auto-DM. Access these free Twitter resources for real inbound marketing help using Twitter.

Image: startrek.com

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