Leveraging the HubSpot Conversion Assists Report

Leveraging the HubSpot Conversion Assists Report

By John McTigueApr 5 /2012

Conversion Assist - HubSpotThe bottom line and the bottom of the sales funnel are intertwined in inbound marketing. Your primary goal as an inbound marketer is to fill your funnel with qualified sales leads that will ultimately convert to loyal customers. Until recently, your job was to infer from diverse metrics which types of content give you the highest conversion rates for leads and customers. Now your job has been made much easier with HubSpot's Conversion Assists Report.

Introduced in March 2012, the Conversion Assists Report is available to HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers. This report allows you to optimize your content marketing strategy to produce higher conversion rates among qualified prospects for your products and services. Website pages, blogs and landing pages are order ranked by their influence in driving leads and customers. Each visit and form conversion on your website is tracked by the HubSpot marketing analytics programs, related to both lead conversions and customer conversions and compiled into the report. You can view the most influential types of content in several ways.

General Summary - Leads and Customers

This view shows you the overall totals and trends for leads and customers over a selected date range.

conversion assists summary

All Content - Influence on Leads

For all of your content, which website pages, blogs and landing pages influence a visitor's decision to become a lead for the first time? How do you best attract qualified sales leads into your funnel? We have created our Inbound Marketing Blueprint, numerous Cheat Sheets and Videos and other content for this purpose, and you can see this content ranking at the top of the report for lead generation.

connversion assists leads

All Content - Influence on Sales

Which content comes into play when leads are considering hiring us for website design and inbound marketing services? Now you can see that our services, pricing, about Kuno and other supporting information is most important. Our Blog is important, too, since it reminds subscribers on a regular (daily) basis to come back and see us, which can (and does) lead to a sale in many cases.

conversion assists customers

Blog Posts - Lead Generation

Now let's drill down on our Blog and see which topics drive leads. This view shows that our helpful "how-to" posts on inbound marketing, SEO, content and social media lead the way in converting visitors to leads. People appreciate our knowledge and advice on these topics and want to know more, so they sign up as subscribers and/or download our advanced content.

conversion assists leads blogs

Blog Posts - Customer Conversion

Our Blog topics also influence sales, believe it or not. We deliberately mix in posts that are more relevant to people considering hiring us for our services. We discuss website redesign best practices, and those blogs influence people thinking about doing exactly that. We talk about our inbound marketing services, and those posts provide a sales "kick," as well.

conversion assists customers blogs

Marketing Takeaways

The HubSpot Conversion Assists report gives you profound insight into your content marketing strategy and deployment. You can study your existing content to see which types appeal to your target audience at various stages of the customer buy cycle. This allows you to plan and schedule content development to improve lead and customer conversions with optimized content for each step. Where you are weak, for example in the mid-funnel, you can reinforce with appropriate blog posts, website pages and downloads to help nurture leads into customers. Where you are strong, you can expand your funnel with more content and provide lead nurturing campaigns to follow-up and accelerate sales.

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