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11 Steps to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

11 Steps to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

By Chad PollittMar 26 /2012

Perfect LinkedIn AdvertisingFor some reason, LinkedIn tends to be left out of the social media conversation more times than not when it comes to lead generation. With more than 26 months of data available, LinkedIn pushed more than 10,000 unique visitors to Kuno’s website. During the latter 13 month period, it drove a 2.92% visit to conversion rate. LinkedIn can be a valuable asset to any inbound marketing campaign. Below is the methodology deployed here in the Kuno labs for driving engagement, traffic, conversions and leads. 

LinkedIn Profile    

  1. Write a descriptive headline that includes a few relevant keywords on your profile. Be sure to add relevant website links and a professional photo. Your summary should also be keyword-rich. Complete the profile.
  2. Add applications to your LinkedIn profiles to showcase content, including SlideShare, Events and Polls.
  3. Post status updates that point your connections to your content and other information that would be relevant to them.

LinkedIn Groups

  1. Join as many relevant groups as possible.
  2. Blog, blog and blog some more. . . When finished blogging some more, roll up similar blog posts into white papers, case studies, guides, how-to’s or cheat sheets. Build landing pages and put the advanced content behind a form.
  3. Engage in existing group conversations and use your blog posts to support your engagement. Be sincere with feedback.
  4. Start group conversations based on the premise of your blog posts while referencing them. *Warning – Do not come off as self-promotional. There is a “promotions” tab for that. Be sincere by requesting honest feedback or input on content.
  5. Once someone else engages your comment, continue to engage.
  6. Be helpful and share valuable information that positions you as an industry thought leader.
  7. Connect with those people who frequently engage you.
  8. Have fun!

Tip: If you’re not experienced participating in group conversations, spend a week or so chiming in on posts without linking to any of your own stuff. That way, you’ll get an idea of what’s acceptable and what isn’t prior to injecting your content.

Tip: Pay attention to how many posts are made in each group. If it’s just a few per day, then you don’t want to leave posts for the group every day. If you go into the group and notice every other post is from you, then you’re posting too much.

It’s safe to say that LinkedIn should not be treated as a broadcast medium. If it is, don’t expect to get many leads. It should be treated as a collaboration channel. By collaborating with industry colleagues and people with shared interests, your website will be rewarded with a steady flow of visitors and new incremental leads. For more help with LinkedIn, access these free resources.

Learn How to Make LinkedIn an Important Part of Your Inbound Marketing Mix

Learn How to Make LinkedIn an Important Part of Your Inbound Marketing Mix