Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 11, 2012

Inbound Marketing Week in Review: March 11, 2012

By Brianne Carlon RushMar 11 /2012

inbound marketing pyramidGet caught up on this week’s inbound marketing blog posts in a flash! You’ll find out how to build effective LinkedIn ad campaigns, how to NOT look like a Noob on Twitter, and why booking a vacation at a resort that uses inbound marketing is just way better. And don’t forget to check out Kuno’s entertaining, yet educational, graphics and the top tweet schedulers on the market. Read on!

9 Steps for Building the Perfect LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Marketers are using LinkedIn pay per click (PPC) because it simply works. As compared to Facebook and Google PPC, LinkedIn provides much better ad targeting for B2B companies. Click through rates also tend to be much greater for B2B companies.

Learn the nine steps to the perfect targeted LinkedIn PPC campaign

7 Social Media Tips: What Not to do on Twitter

There are common mistakes that new people (Noob’s) can make that will have people on Twitter avoiding you like a spammy plague of viruses.

So, if you’re new to Twitter or you just plain don’t have a clue about social media, check out the seven things to avoid so you don’t look like a Noob

Resorts that use Inbound Marketing May be Better Vacation Destinations

Vacation destinations that implement inbound marketing tactics may be the better choice for your spring getaway. While narrowing down your destinations, be sure to ask yourself these questions

9 Inbound Marketing Lessons Learned through the Eyes of a Designer

Graphic designers around the world are tasked with communicating non-designer’s ideas and concepts in an artistic and eye-appealing manner. Check out the mix of marketing graphics produced here in the Kuno labs by DanWalt and Jim and the inbound marketing takeaways for each…

Overwhelmed with Twitter? How to Utilize Social Media Scheduling

Many companies have caught onto the fact that scheduling tweets is important, so there are a few different tools you can use to schedule tweets. You may find that a combination of some of these tools works great.

Consider using one of these tools to schedule your tweets

Leveraging Social Media InfluenceExpert Webinar Panel on Social Media Influence - Join Us!

Join us for an exciting new webinar on Thursday, March 22nd at 12PM EDT, 9AM PDT and help us welcome Jay Baer, Laura "@Pistachio" Fitton and Jim Kukral for an all-star webinar panel to discuss social media influence, what it means for your business and how to best take advantage of it.

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Brianne works with Fortune 500 clients to strategize digital marketing efforts that help sales teams close deals faster. Additionally, she focuses on Kuno’s sales and marketing alignment and employee empowerment. Prior to Kuno, Brianne helped market OverDrive, the leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, and was the youngest person to be promoted to managing editor position at MacFadden Performing Arts Media in NYC.