9 Inbound Marketing Lessons Learned through the Eyes of a Designer

9 Inbound Marketing Lessons Learned through the Eyes of a Designer

By Chad PollittMar 8 /2012

Graphic designers around the world are tasked with communicating non-designer’s ideas and concepts in an artistic and eye-appealing manner. These right-brained individuals make the art of inbound marketing look easy and spend much of their time making left-brained folks look good. Below is a mix of marketing graphics produced here in the Kuno labs by Dan, Walt and Jim and the inbound marketing takeaways for each.

1. Widening the Sales Funnel

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Inbound Marketing Sales Funnel Widening

The two funnels above represent the difference between a generation two and a generation three website. By moving from traditional inbound marketing to advanced life-cycle analytics, companies are able to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time on the right channel, thus expanding the top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU) and bottom of the funnel.

2. 301 Redirects & SEO

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Save the Backlinks

This communicates the importance of having an SEO migration plan when redesigning or moving a website to a new domain name. Specifically, it helps in pointing out the importance of deploying 301 redirects in order to conserve backlinks to a website.

3. Goal, Strategy, Tactics

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Social Media for Libraries

Many in the inbound marketing world like to deploy tactics without regard to strategy or goals. The above communicates the required steps to be successful online.

4. The Gold Rush of Google+

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Social Media Gold Rush

While many were busy proclaiming Google+ as the death knell for Facebook, our designers were busy turning down the volume on the hype-knob. The right side points out that Google+ is used less than Ning and MySpace. The left side highlights that Google+ still has a long way to go before its adoption is in the same realm as the big three.

5. The 3 Steps of Inbound Marketing

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3 Steps to Inbound Marketing Success

This image accomplishes several things at once. It points out that content is indeed king. Without it there is nothing to distribute, and without something to distribute there can’t be engagement or conversion.

6. Google Panda

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Google Panda Dinner Party Infographic

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Evil Google Panda Infographic

These illustrations do a great job of articulating the role Panda plays in Google’s algorithm, what’s accepted and what isn’t.

7. The Pyramid of Inbound Marketing

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The Inbound Marketing Pyramid

Some people have a hard time understanding what inbound marketing is. While it is much more nuanced than the above, this image provides a good starting point for people being introduced to inbound marketing for the first time.

8. Google & Content Sitting in a Tree. . .

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Content is Google's Valentine

With the Panda rollout, Google has renewed its vows with content. In order to harvest traffic and leads from search engines today creating and publishing lots of content frequently is critical.

9. The SEO Sweet Spot Venn Diagram

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SEO vs Content Marketing

This diagram goes even further to explain the past and current relationship between content, technical SEO and social media, and how their relationship is rewarded by Google.

We hope you find the above graphics helpful in your inbound marketing endeavors. Don’t forget that without graphic designers, our inbound marketing efforts wouldn’t look so good and that design still plays a very important role in marketing.

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