Resorts that use Inbound Marketing May be Better Vacation Destinations

Resorts that use Inbound Marketing May be Better Vacation Destinations

By Jami SchneiderMar 7 /2012

inbound marketing vacationCabin fever is a real thing, so with spring break right around the corner, many people are eager to book a vacation.  Of course you should search the Internet for deals and tips on travel sites, such as Trip Advisor, Orbitz and Travelocity, but it can also be beneficial to use social media to plan the perfect trip! That is why vacation destinations that implement inbound marketing tactics may be the better choice for your spring getaway. While narrowing down your destinations, ask yourself these questions:  

  • Are they active in social media?
    Look to social networking sites before making any purchasing decisions. Once you find a resort of interest, always check to see if they are on Facebook and Twitter; this indicates that they engage with their community and spread the word about upcoming events in the area. Be sure to see if they have a blog, and if so, subscribe to the blog and read the posts. Watch videos on YouTube, check out live webcams and review pictures in the social space highlighting the amenities. This helps you get as much unbiased information about the resort as possible.
  • Do they share great content?
    When it comes to a vacation, some want to relax in luxurious accommodations while others want adventure. If you are traveling somewhere you’ve never been (no matter the setting), a downloadable guide to help you find your way around the area could be a deal closer. Since planning a vacation can be a big purchase, a knowledgeable download can confirm that you have made the right choice in a resort that cares about you and your stay.
  • Have they gone mobile?
    Let’s face it: you want to book a vacation on a travel site that allows you to download a travel app, view your trip itinerary on your phone, get mobile-only hotel deals and more. Some sites, including Orbitz, allow you this convenience.
  • Do they develop lasting relationships with their customers?
    Read hotel reviews to see what fellow travelers have to say about their experience vacationing at this resort. Ask questions in forums and find out what detailed advice fellow travelers share. It can be telling if travelers vacation at this resort more than once. Consider selecting a resort that develops lasting relationships with its customers. Respond and thank anyone that offers helpful information.

Once you get back from your trip, take the time to answer questions from other travelers and share your vacation experiences. Spread the word about your great vacation on the resort’s blog or Facebook page. Check out these HubSpot Travel Industry examples: All of these resorts are doing a great job attracting vacationers using their blog and social media.

And let us know: What’s your go-to vacation planning site or service?

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