Inbound Marketing Week in Review – Headlines, Content Marketing, Social Media and Pinterest

Inbound Marketing Week in Review – Headlines, Content Marketing, Social Media and Pinterest

By Brianne Carlon RushMar 4 /2012

inbound marketingWe know you’re busy, so Kuno’s got you covered. Get caught up on this week’s blog posts in a flash! You’ll learn about fascinating yet optimized headlines, 14 important concepts of content marketing, how to listen to your customers, and making Pinterest work for your B2C brand. Read on!

Is Clever Better? Witty versus Search-Engine-Optimized Headlines

Inbound Marketing, and thus content, is the new SEO. Shouldn’t that mean that clever headlines are back? Well, sort of. Google frowns on keyword stuffing, and you do want to use a headline that intrigues readers to continue onto the article. So word play and puns are good. However, you still need to get people to your content, which is where SEO comes in. So what is the right answer?

Get the answer here…

The 14 C’s of Content Marketing

Tactically, content marketing provides benefits that span across the many disciplines of Internet marketing, too. It can improve and increase most of the positive metrics associated with website success while minimizing or eliminating those negative metrics. It also powers most successful social media marketing campaigns. From referral traffic to lead conversions, content marketing is the jet fuel powering many of the top web destinations in the world.

In order to deploy content marketing successfully, consider these 14 C’s…

The Science of Listening in Social Media and Blogs

Effective listening takes strategy and time, but mostly it takes commitment. You have to appreciate the benefits and commit the resources on a consistent basis or you may miss opportunities to reinforce your brand. 

Consider these steps for listening…

3 Ways to Expand Your B2C Inbound Marketing Reach with Pinterest

What makes Pinterest unique is its visually-appealing platform, ease of use, and lifestyle-oriented content. It provides an opportunity to show your customers how to implement a product or service into their lifestyle, rather than just being another social media outlet for posting blogs.

Find out how you can expand your reach with Pinterest…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you Monday!

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