Facebook Page Admins: You vs. Your Brand

Facebook Page Admins: You vs. Your Brand

By Vanessa KnipperFeb 17 /2012

Facebook Page AdministrationIf you’re posting from a B2C brand, it makes sense to keep all posts, comments and likes under the umbrella of the brand. But when you’ve got a team of people in your B2B business writing blogs and contributing on your Facebook page, it adds personality when you comment and like as "yourself."

If you're an Admin for a Facebook page, you are able to toggle between the brand & your personal profile for posting, commenting and liking. However, posts should always be from the page, otherwise they will not appear in fan newsfeeds. For example - if John McTigue posts a photo from his farm in Texas on our Kuno Creative Facebook page, using our page "as himself," only those of us who are friends with John will see the post in our newsfeeds. Therefore, likes and comments are the way to go for Admins to have a voice when interacting on a page post.

Just as the author of a blog will respond to comments, you can do the same on your Facebook page when posting blogs by mentioning the author (if applicable) and having them respond directly to comments as "themselves" rather than the page. The same goes for commenting on or liking other types of posts on your page, such as photos or responses to a question. Aside from posting, use the Admin in moderation for liking and commenting, and only when applicable.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Commenting & Liking as Yourself

  • It’s a great way to find new friends/make more connections. If followers of the page like what you have to say, it may result in a friend request. In turn, Admins might consider connecting with someone that they’ve conversed with in the comments.
  • It puts faces behind the brand. This is particularly appropriate for B2B marketers, as we are the team members featured on our website, the voices on the other end of the telephone, and the contributors of the content that we share within our communities. It's no surprise that our most popular posts are photos from around the office because people enjoy interacting with other people, rather than simply being broadcast to.
  • It enables multiple members of the team to share their thoughts. This can greatly contribute to garnering more participation. People tend to feel less inhibited jumping into a lively conversation than being the first person to comment.

How To Toggle Between Your Page & Your Profile

1. In some cases, you may have your account settings defaulted to only post as the page. If you are unsure, here is how to check: Go to Your Brand Page > click Edit Page on the top right corner > click Your Settings on the left > Make sure the box is unchecked for Posting Preferences. 

Facebook Admin Settings resized 600


2. Now, when you go to your page, you will see an option right under the list of admins to “Use Facebook as (Your Page)” or “Use Facebook as (Yourself)”. This gives you the ability to post from the brand, but to respond as yourself, if you choose to do so. You'll know whether you are posting as the page or as yourself because the profile graphic will appear when you click within the comment area.

Facebook Admin Toggle

Do you have any Facebook Admin tips to recommend? Please share them with us in the comments!

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