10 Twitter Tips to Share the Love <3

10 Twitter Tips to Share the Love <3

By Vanessa KnipperFeb 14 /2012

Inbound Marketing Twitter KindnessThe immediate thought of Twitter likely doesn't conjure up warm and fuzzy images to the average user. But for marketers engaging on Twitter, it's exactly what we imagine.

We understand that it's crucial to be outwardly kind, honest and thankful when engaging with followers and those that you follow because it fosters friendships, trust and, at the very least, confirms that you are indeed listening.

10 Quick Tips for "Sharing the Love" on Twitter:

  1. Be sincere. Show that wonderful smile of yours and post a nice photo that doesn’t resemble a mug shot or is a picture of your dog.

  2. Speak in your own voice. Talk to your followers as you would your family, friends and co-workers – people you care about.

  3. Cancel your automated validation service. It does more harm than good. Imagine if you were attending a party and asked to show your driver's license before anyone will talk with you. Welcome new followers with open arms and take it upon yourself to block the spammers.

  4. Make sure to say "thank you." It’s important to thank those that share your tweets, comment on your posts, or answer your questions. It’s also a great conversation-starter.

  5. Address people by name. Think of how good it feels when someone addresses you by your name and not just a simple @reply click. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

  6. Read bios. A quick look at someone’s bio can provide inspiration for small talk – shared interests, geographic area, their company website, etc.

  7. Be patient. Try to give a reasonable grace period before unfollowing anyone that doesn’t respond to you. If you are genuinely interested in following this person, you should allow some time to let them respond or understand that not every tweet will get a response or every follow will result in a follow-back. You wouldn’t plan an event and expect your potential guests to RSVP within 24 hours, would you?

  8. Mention sources or authors. Not only does it show that you care about the content enough to mention the source, it makes it easier for those mentioned to acknowledge the share.

  9. Check in now and then. If it's been awhile since you've heard from one of your close followers or someone you regularly converse with on Twitter, send an @reply to let them know you’re thinking of them.

  10. Be honest. Admit when you’re wrong, even if it’s simply misspelling someone’s name in a reply. Your apology tweet will be much more well-received than deleting the original and reposting. Again, a possible humorous conversation-starter.

Have any more ideas to add to the list? Please add them in the comments below!


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