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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Ticking Clock, Twitter Brainwash, and Equity

By Roman KniahynyckyjFeb 12 /2012

inbound marketing clockHello Inbound Marketing friend. How is your Sunday? It's cold everywhere today. Let's warm you up with our hottest posts this week...

The closing of a large Cleveland ad agency reminded us the clock is ticking on big advertising agencies and traditional forms of marketing. Are you transitioning your business, marketing department, or brand to align with the new reality of marketing

Do you have Twitter all wrong? Before you pretend to be the social media expert that you aren't, be sure to read Chad's 6 reasons Twitter may have you brainwashed

Do you manage your social media accounts as closely as you manage your financial portfolio? John offers up a thoughtful post on social media equity that discusses why you should view every bit of your social media activity as an investment in your business and brand

Those are our top three this week, folks. I'll close by reminding you that it's February 2012. Are you thinking about presenting your marketing results to your board in December 2012? You should be. The clock is ticking...