How Often Should You [Blank] for Inbound Marketing Success?

How Often Should You [Blank] for Inbound Marketing Success?

By John McTigueFeb 1 /2012

Remember Family Feud? Probably the last quiz show I ever watched, but I loved the format of filling in the blanks. As inbound marketers, we get a lot of questions about posting frequency. How often should you - blog, tweet, post on Facebook and other social media sites? What kind of success can you expect from your current commitment to creating great content? Survey said...

how many tweets should you post for inbound marketing success


  • For maximum growth: post multiple times per day to drive the most traffic (3-5 times or more is considered best for power bloggers).
  • For steady growth: post at least once per day.
  • For slower growth: publish at least every 3 days or 2-3 times per week.
  • For very slow growth: posting less frequently than 2-3 days per week is most appropriate for bloggers who maintain blogs as a hobby with no strategic plans for growth.

Source: Blog Posting Frequency Overview


  • Between 1-4 Tweets per hour
  • Most Tweets between 12-6 PM EST

Source: Dan Zarella

Facebook Posts

  • Maximum 1-2 posts per day
  • Once every 2 days will get the most "likes"
  • Posting on Saturday between 12-7 PM EST is ideal

Source: Dan Zarella


  • Update your status when a new blog post is published
  • Don't push Tweets out to LinkedIn unless it's something really important
  • Only share the really great stuff that will enhance your thought leadership
  • Ask and Answer Questions - spend an hour a week doing this

Source - various reports plus some common sense.

Advanced Content

We recommend 1-2 new white papers, ebooks, videos or webinars per quarter as a minimum.

We try to do one webinar per month and at least one new download per quarter. This frequency keeps the ideas fresh, allows for some traction for each content piece (before another one rolls out) and delivers a high rate of traffic and leads.

Check out our Resource Library that we have developed over the past couple of years.

What Does all of This Cost?

Check out our Inbound Marketing Budget Calculator. It's really a schedule showing relative volumes of content and social media marketing updates with associated rough costs and approximate ROI based on our experience with inbound marketing for our clients and ourselves.

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Building Leads with Blogging

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