The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Microsites, Content Marketing, and Mojo

The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Microsites, Content Marketing, and Mojo

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 29 /2012

inboundmarketingmojoHello there, inbound marketing friend. What does one do during the "purgatory" Sunday before the Super Bowl? Hmmm, well you can monitor #ProBowl for the first ever in-game NFL tweets (yes, I realize it's a fake game). You can get up to speed on the hottest Super Bowl ads, or, the inbound marketing striver in you can up your inbound marketing mojo by reviewing what people were reading on the Kuno blog this week:

Chad's tips on deploying geo-targeted microsites for local search was our most read post of the week. Chad outlines the most effective tactics for targeting specific locations for local search by deploying new websites built specifically for towns, cities or regions. New to SEO or looking for a refresher? Download our SEO Cheat Sheet.

Are you obsessing over your inbound marketing data? We are. John took a deep dive into Kuno's HubSpot data to see what's driving Kuno's inbound marketing mojo. What we saw is causing us to evolve and tune our own inbound marketing strategy.  

Finally, if you're struggling to create valuable content that supports your marketing efforts, we offer some beginner's tips on ramping up your content marketing

That's the top three for this week, folks. Don't forget to join us this coming Tuesday, January 31st, for our first webinar of 2012 - Inbound marketing Is the new SEO. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week, inbound marketing friend. 

Inbound Marketing is the New SEOInbound Marketing is the New SEO – Facts, Figures & Data

Join us for an exciting new webinar on Tuesday, January 31st at 12PM EST, 9 AM PST where we’ll discuss the reasons why traditional SEO campaigns aren't as important as they once were for web visibility and why they are quickly being replaced by inbound marketing.