Content Marketing (and Barking Dogs) Offer Preview of Super Bowl Ads

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 27 /2012

There's a football game that takes place in between Super Bowl ads? 

Really? You mean, in between barking dogs, Ferris Bueller and vampires, I still have to eat chips and salsa and feign interest in exotic defensive schemes? 

Have you seen the barking dogs? You have to see the barking dogs...


Marketers are using their Super Bowl ad content or portions of their ad content to tease, preview, and encourage their content to go viral even before it airs on Super Bowl Sunday. It's a valuable strategy as these ads garner earned media attention and folks like me and even USA Today blog or write about the most mundane aspects of some of these videos - like how the dogs were selected

Expect to hear more chatter about vampires from Audi (vampires can afford Audi's??) and see Ferris (anyone?) Bueller tease you for 10 seconds. 

As inbound and content marketing become more and more prevalent, advertisers may just need to create Super Bowl ad content and teasers that go viral through social media and never even have to pay for Super Bowl ad time...