3 Beginner's Tips To Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

3 Beginner's Tips To Ramp Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 26 /2012

contentmarketingrampupWe've been talking a lot about how SEO is changing and how beneficial content marketing can be to your marketing efforts. In spite of all the evidence - you and your company may still be behind the eight ball when it comes to producing content. If you are - here are a few straightforward ways to get the content ball rolling: 

  1. Repurpose existing content from your website - many websites already have FAQ sections or areas focusing on product or service details. These pages may also see a good deal of visitor traffic. If you can repurpose FAQ or product and service content into a whitepaper or cheat sheet that lives behind a conversion page - you'll get the benefit of generating a lead that downloads this content that can then be entered into a lead nurturing campaign.
  2. No time to blog? Make videos - if you're an articulate speaker that is better at crystallizing ideas verbally than through writing, use videos as a content mechanism. You can then embed your videos in a blog post and post them on YouTube. Author and entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck, turned the wine industry on it's head through his wine library tv video blog.
  3. No time at all? Get some help - with the growing importance of content creation there are numerous content marketplaces like Writer Access or Zerys that offer access to quality writers that will produce website content for you at competitive prices. 

Remember, Google (and Bing) reward hard work. In many instances, that hard work comes in the form of regular, valuable content. If you can't commit to creating your own content, at least consider seeking outside aid to create content that will support your marketing efforts.



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