Top 10 Fibs about SOPA & PIPA - The Death Star of the Internet?

Top 10 Fibs about SOPA & PIPA - The Death Star of the Internet?

By Chad PollittJan 18 /2012

SOPA and PIPA UntruthsToday the Internet is buzzing about our government’s attempt to undo the Internet as we know it today. These bills in the House and Senate will certainly do that. Websites like Wikipedia, Google and Reddit (just a few of hundreds) are speaking out today by shutting down their websites or putting up links and graphics educating their visitors about the bills.

Potentially, bills like these could put Kuno Creative out of business. While the packaging on these bills promotes stopping piracy, inside, the bills are a nuclear bomb for the Internet. John McTigue goes into more detail here. Motivated by’s serious, yet humorous, SOPA blackout page, I present to you the top 10 untruths about SOPA & PIPA.

  1. SOPA kills kittens
  2. The legislation makes Facebook STOP making changes all of the time
  3. Anthony Weiner will be retro-fitted into the bill and sent to prison for past Internet activity
  4. Will make us more competitive with China
  5. Will usher in a new, more fruitful, age of the Internet while improving the flow of content around the world
  6. Lawyers will be laid off at a stunning rate nationwide
  7. There will be a boom of new Internet startups
  8. It will make your kids safer and smarter.
  9. Politicians who support it are guaranteed to be reelected
  10. Will curtail Internet piracy. . .  

I support stopping SOPA and PIPA for the same reasons John does in his post and my stand doesn’t represent the views of Kuno Creative or its employees either. Should you feel as I do you’re encouraged to learn more and take action.

Image: @Oatmeal

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