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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Content Marketing, 0-60, and Conversion Rates

By Roman KniahynyckyjJan 15 /2012

InboundMarketing Content MarketingHappy Sunday, inbound marketing friend. The Inbound Marketing Review is back from its holiday hiatus and is raring to go for 2012. Let's warm up a chilly winter day (at least in Cleveland) and see what was hot on the Kuno blog this past week. 

Topping the heat index was our before/after content marketing analysis. Analysis of Kuno's own data showed that implementing a content marketing strategy has a positive effect on visits and actions visitors take on a website. In fact, our lead growth increased 630% as compared to the months prior to our content marketing implementation

Looking to make a marketing splash quickly to meet or beat investor expectations or anticipated market changes? John discussed ways to kick-start and accelerate your inbound marketing strategy in under 6 months.

Rounding out the hot posts for this week was Chad's analysis of our B2B focused conversion rates through social media sites. As we ramped up our content marketing strategy, we were able to share increasing amounts of valuable content while also building a community around our content sharing. Our expanding community resulted in more trust for the Kuno brand and by association, for Kuno employees sharing via social media channels. 

That does it for this week, inbound marketing friend. If you're getting back in the swing of things after your holiday nap, be sure to review our posts on the morphing of SEO and your 2012 inbound marketing budget.