10 No-No’s for Inbound Marketers Over the Holiday

10 No-No’s for Inbound Marketers Over the Holiday

By Chad PollittDec 20 /2011

Inbound Marketing No No'sThe holiday season is nice and relaxing for many different types of careers. If you work in manufacturing your plant is probably shut down. If you work for the government you’re on holiday. If you’re in the B2B space your office is probably closed during the last weeks of December. This is a great time to unwind, relax and reenergize going into the new year. It’s also time to spend with your loved ones and family. While the above is a reality for millions of Americans, it’s a pipe dream for many inbound marketers. The below is a list, that if followed, will allow inbound marketers everywhere to reclaim their time off in order to unwind, relax and re-energize this holiday season.

  1. STOP checking your email!
  2. NO Tweeting during church, synagogue or your chosen venue of worship.
  3. Stay off of Tweet Chats.
  4. Don’t write any blog posts – You should have written them prior anyway.
  5. Stop staring at your analytics. Your website traffic will be slow. Besides, if everyone followed this top 10 list you’d have no website visitors.
  6. DO NOT follow-up with your website leads.
  7. Updating your Facebook status during Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa dinner is NOT cool.
  8. Your grandparents don’t want you checking in on Foursquare when you arrive at their house.
  9. If your email blasts aren’t designed, written and scheduled prior to the holiday forget about it.
  10. Put that smart phone, iPad and/or laptop DOWN! Don't touch the desktop computer either. . .

So, there you go – a top 10 list which, if followed, will allow you to reclaim your time off, enjoy your holiday, unwind, relax and re-energize. Also, you’ll probably avoid getting lectured from your grandfather about the evils of technology, the Facespace and the MyBook.

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