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The Inbound Marketing Week in Review - Phrases to Avoid, SEO Science, and Rickroll Pranks

By Roman KniahynyckyjDec 18 /2011

inbound marketing holidayHappy Holidays, inbound marketing friend. Santa is on his way, and hopefully your 2012 marketing budget is nestled snug in its bed. Before you wrap yourself in the cloak of holiday consumerism, feed your brain with our most popular posts this week. 

If you missed Dan Zarrella's Science of SEO webinar, Chad summarizes 16 key Science of SEO takeaways. And if you don't have time to read Chad's post about Dan's webinar, read my two words here - blog more. Even if you think you are a blogging more, well, blog even more. 

John's article on the top 10 phrases to avoid in 2012 was viewed by many as a value add. It wasn't a complete game changer like our Software as an Ecosystem post, but i'm certain you'll be able to leverage some insights from the post that may help you tune your business drivers. What? Seriously, I hope this paragraph makes sense. If not, ping me in the comments section, I don't want it weaken my on line persona. 

Finally, Chad identifies inbound marketing lessons from a rickroll prank, and talks about an Indiana University basketball (#iubb) tweet of his that went viral

OK, thank you for your attentiveness. You are now free to move about or your local mall. Make it a great week, inbound marketing friend. 


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