How the US Marine Corps Uses Social Media - The Social Corps

How the US Marine Corps Uses Social Media - The Social Corps

By Chad PollittDec 2 /2011

Marine Corps Social MediaThe US Marine Corps published their “The Social Corps” earlier this year in order to establish social media principles, guidance, security and family guidelines for Marines and leaders. The document represents a good example of how an enterprise-level organization can identify strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats regarding social media while simultaneously laying out a plan to mitigate risk and maximize benefits.

Marine Corps’ core values in the social media community

"Achieving sustainable credibility online is guided by accepted standards that we live by as American service members. These values should guide participation in the social media process and strengthen organizational credibility. The Marine Corps strongly adheres to our core values in the online social media community, and we expect the same commitment from all Marine Corps representatives" – from Public Affairs and Marine spokespersons to the individual Marine.

Download the US Marine Corps’ The Social Corps

US Marine Corps Social MediaBelow is a breakdown of the document and the core sections included for Marines.

  1. (Principles) Marine Corps social media principles
    • Social Media for leaders
      • To follow or not to follow?
      • Additional guidance for leaders
    • Personal behavior - what the Corps asks of you
      • What can I say online?
    • Be safe out there!
      • Reminders for your online behavior
      • Understanding Facebook tracking an how to set your privacy
  2. (Guidance) You're the social media Marine - now what?
    • Professional behavior - guidance for official post
      • What to consider BEFORE you become a social media site owner
      • Unit social media site registration
      • Eight steps to setting up your official social media site
      • Social media measurement and metrics
    • Set up ground rules for your fans - and for you
      • It's about the community
  3. (Security) Maintaining operations security
    • Operations security policy
    • Checklist for offical, unclassified, publically-available websites
    • Using social media for crisis communications
      • Social jargon
  4. (Family) Social Media and Families
    • What can families post?
    • Keeping our Marines - and ourselves safe
    • Operations security - isn't this a military-only thing?
    • What you can do to protect operations security
    • Getting personal updates about injured Marines

The index includes an FAQ, references and 15 tips to stay safe online.

The above represents a solid foundation for any and all enterprise-level organizations and small to medium-sized businesses to emulate in order to begin or hone their social media policies and plans. It also eliminates any excuses, if any are left, for large and small companies not to use social media as a marketing, public relations or communications tool. If the Marine Corps can take the Air Force’s social media lead and deploy policy, procedures and guidance rapidly than your organization can put a plan in place too.

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